My new Blog!!!


Photo of my pond in the rain

Hello Folks,

Here I am at last trying out my blog, which my patient web designer created for me at least a year ago! Finally I seem to have created enough time to have a go. How grown up is that? And you’ll never know all the things I’ve tapped on to get to here:)

At the moment I’m sitting in my conservatory office with my sunglasses on, trying out a new device to help me see the computer screen in the sunshine. (never buy a computer with a shiny screen.) The new device is a cardboard box. It seems to be working, I just have to bend down to see the screen!

I’ve just booked a car for my visit to Rhode island, where I’m running an Advanced Techniques for EFT, an Intro to EFT and a Transforming your Past retreat this September and I’m excited, it’s bringing it much nearer and it finally feels real! I’m looking forward to seeing my good friends Terry Wildemann and Cynthia Lefkowicz who have both agreed to hold the events in their lovely homes, which allows us the option of working in the garden if we choose, and definitely we can have our breaks out there. It will be a real vacation for me and a chance to meet some lovely American people, I love the enthusiasm of people from the States. If you’re drawn to learning how to take your EFT to a completely new level, while you clear your old emotional clutter, or if you want to spend time clearing all those old, limiting family and ancestral patterns that are holding you back from living your life in the way that you want to live it, why not come and vacation with me? It’s a beautiful area and Cynthia and Terry will have lots of things to suggest to see and do. I’m looking forward to meeting you all:) And if you want to Transform your Pastand and you’re in the UK, you can come on retreat with me to beautiful Launde Abbey in Leicestershire on the 12/13th September.

And now, 10 minutes after the sun, it’s monsooning again. What a climate we have, but I’m so grateful that we have rain rather than drought. Everywhere here still looks so green and everything smells wonderful after the rain.

Just done a joint TAT session with my business mentor. Amazingly, it monsoooned all the way through, so that it was difficult to hear and then the sun came out as we finished. have you noticed how often that happens?

Just off to pick a peach from my little tree that I bought this year. I’m not sure if they’re ripe, but it certainly looks as though it is.

Here’s hoping for a great bank holiday for those of us in the UK and great weather to go with it:)