News from New England

Hi Folks,

the first course in Rhode Island is over. It went well with a lovely bunch of people and many thanks to Terry for hosting it and housing me and to her family for putting up with all the comings and goings.

I arrived and managed to drive from the airport to Marblehead in the dark in a very roundabout way. I’m beginning to think I should have a PHD in getting lost. The advantage is that you get to meet some really interesting people when you stop to ask the way.

On the way down to Rhode Island I tried to visit Plymouth rock twice and missed it both times, but I found the Plymouth Plantation which is a living history museum about the first settlers and the native americans. It was fantastic. They have recreated the settlements and the people there are cooking and digging and reading and talk to you as thought they really are there at that time. It was an amazing experience.

At the other end of the scale I walked along the cliff path at Newport and went into the back entrance of the Astors mansion where I was greeted by the butler and then given a tour of the home. Everyone stayed in character the whole time and it was another great experience and I even got to meet an orthodox priest who is into Quantum Physics! How cool is that.

At the moment I’m staying with Cynthia and Ed Lefkowicz who are hosting the Transform your Past retreat and we’re having a great time catching up, walking on the beach and talking and talking:) Ed’s a fantastic photographer and he’s going to take some new photos of me, that I hope will look like the me I think I am! I’m sure you understand what I mean:)

We’re just off to buy supplies for the weekend and then I get to go out to dinner with someone I met on the earlier course and have a tour of the area.

It sure is a great life and I’m loving it.

I hope all is well in your lives too and that you’re enjoying the change to Autumn.

With love.


PS there are no photos because I forgot to bring the lead to upload from the camera, however, if you want a tour of Cynthia’s house, which she’s selling, click here.

Celebrating the sun


Designing the Future at Launde

Hello Folks,

Well last weekend was the final part of Reconnecting with the Core, with the group who have now gone through Transforming your Past, Designing your Future and last weekend was Living in the Now. It was a fantastic weekend and it was so good to see how far we’ve all come since we started this process 6 months ago. It was a tidying up of all we’d done so far and much more than that. We celebrated our shadow sides, re-intergrated all the parts of us that had separated from us, released our old stories and got very clear about the new story that we’re writing right now, in each minute. A very short quote from one of the group, (there’ll all still busy integrating!) Amazing weekend, thank you!”

It was a joy to be with these special people and now, this weekend, it starts again, with Transforming your past at Launde.


Summer suns are glowing at Launde

I love being there and when I give myself permission to take time to enjoy it, it’s wonderful. At the moment I’m celebrating the sun, it’s been a beautiful week, just how I like it, crisp mornings, and then warm later. The problem is the office conservatory, I’ve been getting up at 6 and working, so I don’t have to be in the office in the hottest part of the day. I’m thinking it might be a good long term strategy, as it gives me freedom to go for a walk or a coffee during the day, something I keep promising myself and not doing.

I’ve been avidly reading the new book, EFT and Beyond and it’s every bit as good as I thought it would be, I can’t put it down and there’s so much to learn from it. I heartily recommend it to you if you want to up your EFT practice. if you click on the link it takes you to my home page where you can click through the the details of the book.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the sun and think of me in Rhode Island next week, hopefully in the sun too:)

With love,


September clutter clear


Hi Folks,

I hope all of you in the UK had a great bank holiday and that those in the States enjoy Labor day.

Over the Bank holiday I had a major clutter clear. it started with clearing the freezer, because we had no idea what was in there. By the time we’d finished, we had 2 empty shelves and a very good feeling, which carried us on to clearing a space to store logs for my new and very prized toy, a multifuel stove, which I’ve wanted for years and finally given myself permission to have! Logs are coming this weekend I hope and we’ve bought a saw and an axe, so we’re all ready! I can’t wait. if you’ve been wondering why it’s got cooler in the UK, it’s me. I’ve been wanting it to be cool enough to light the fire without suffocating ourselves:)

Then we started on the garden. We cleared the pond, to the surprise of the frogs and newts, who really must have wondered what was happening. The pond has been very pretty and full of flowers, but you would never have known there was a pond there. I was never sure how the frogs got in! I repotted all last years bulbs and realised I have enough for several more pots, so more to do and then we lit a fire in the garden and sat under the stars with a glass of wine. It felt wonderful.

I’m not sure whether it’s my old teaching habits, but for me September is much more the start of the year for me than January. I feel my energy coming back and my creativity and I start to get excited. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and I’m looking forward to seeing if the leaves have started to change colour when I get to Rhode Island in a couple of weeks, for Advanced techniques in EFT and the Transforming your Past retreat. The last I heard it was 37 and humid. I’m setting the intention that it’s 27 and not humid when I get there.

Clutter clearing not only feels good, it makes a difference in all sorts of ways. I’ve cleared my wardrobe and done some tapping with a friend and business mentor of mine Phil Atherton. I can’t remember what we worked on, but when I got up this morning I looked as though I’d lost 10lbs, and it was without dieting! I do love this stuff.

And finally for me, it’s been a great week. I did a teleclass arranged by Jan Luther, a US Master and it was very well received. The new way I’m working with family and ancestral patterns is really blowing peoples socks off, it’s incredibly powerful and I’m loving working in that way. It’s so quick and so profound, that a 2 hour session can change things on an incredibly deep level.

And EFT and Beyond has been Published!!!!! I got my copy today and I’ve already read 3 peoples chapters, (and mine of course:) ) isn’t amazing how you can always think of different ways you would do things if you were doing it now! However, I’m really pleased with the book, which has so much fantastic stuff in it and my chapter. Apparently more people have bought the book through my link than anyone else in the UK, so thank you to all those dedicated EFTer’s, I’m proud of you. I know you’ll get a great deal from the book and it will take your skills to new levels.

And if you want to learn some of the things in my chapter, some of it is covered in my EFT Level 3 and most of the very new stuff will be in my Reconnecting with the Core for practitioners course on 16th/17th January. I hope to see some of you there.

This weekend I will be running “Living in the Now”, the 3rd part of Reconnecting with the Core, with the group who have also done Transforming your Past and Designing your Future. It’s the 1st time I’ve done this retreat, so I’m really excited. I know it’ll go well and I’m looking forward to seeing the group again. If you’d like to experience Transforming your Past, the next weekend is next weekend, 12th/13th September, at Launde Abbey. It will be the start of an amazing journey for those of you who join us.


Have a great weekend:)