Level 1 and 2

During the last level 1 and 2, there were 2 people on the course, trained in a more formal psychological model, who found EFT a stretch from their normal way of working. One asked me to deal with what he called a phobia, of walking on the cracks of the pavement. In my experience, that is more likely to be linked to OCD or a traumatic event.
I decided to work with him and in less than 15 minutes we had linked the feelings that came from the “phobia”, to a specific event and the the traumatic event linked to that event. As we did that, the feelings faded and the vision of the dark cracks on the pavement that he was using as a scale, faded, until he couldn’t notice them.
It’s important to recognise that whatever the issue that you’re working on, somewhere there will be an event that began it. You may never know what it is, but it’s there and it’s clearable:) happy tapping:)

Retreats and courses

After the excitement of the NLP course with John Overdurf last week, (thanks to Joe and Adrian and Toyota) I’ve had fun using some of the techniques with clients this week. It was great to be reminded of things I’d forgotten to use over the years and to pick up new techniques too.

This week has been about writing the blurb for the upcoming courses in the States and the fantastic retreat in Slovenija, all of which will be on the website soon. (If you want to be notified when the dates come out, sign up for my newsletter, http://www.beacontraining.co.uk/newslettersignup.php ) It’s taken some time, but it’ll be worth it when I get to work with all those lovely people who are drawn to the courses and retreats:)

Just had a very exciting visit from a man from the department of Trade and Industry, discussing ways of marketing my courses in the States. It’s amazing just what help is out there when you need it. I’ll let you know how it goes, and I was very excited at the end of the talk. So many things seemed possible:)

NLP Course

Day 5 today of NLP course with John Overdurf. I’ve never had to sit through a course that long before but they feed us well and the hotel is in beautiful grounds so I can get out for short walks. Glad I decided to stay in a cottage, the days are long. Lots of interesting stuff though. Today we were talking about taking the client into the void! taking them away from certainty. how about” where would you not be if you weren’t not here as a question? 🙂 Confusion indeed!


On an NLP course organised by Toyota, with John Overdurf. I’ve wanted to work with him for a long time and it’s been interesting. Good to see just how much of his new stuff I’m using in my own EFT way:) Some interesting new thoughts and techniques that I’m looking forward to playing with, including ways of looking at an issue from multiple points of view and a simple way to create gamma waves in the brain, which takes you into a state for optimal learning.