Travelling and sharing

Great to have some space and time for thinking and planning. So looking forward to the next 2 months. I love to travel and I love sharing all the things I do,
so going to the States to share my techniques for “Disarming Self sabotage” in New York and Transforming the Past In Rhode Island is very exciting for me.
I set the intention a couple of years ago that I would be able to travel and teach and now I am. The Law of Attraction works well!


Glastonbury’s lovely. Beautiful energy and really interesting people. (not to mention shops!)
I walked up the tor and then spent time in the Chalice gardens with the sacred spring. It’s such a beautiful place. At the moment it’s full of spring flowers and the sound of birds. What a wonderful time Spring is. i think it’s my favourite season.
Treated myself to a lovely turquoise ring, with copper in it. There’s always interesting stuff there.

AAMET Trainers Conference.

Just been to Glastonbury to the AAMET Trainers conference. What a great time. Glastonbury is one of my favourite places and it was lovely to see so many trainers there, faces I knew and others whose names I knew. We had some interesting talks and great food. Big thanks to Rowena Beaumont  for organising it for us all.

Notes from the Universe and cake!!

So many things are giving the same message, that it’s our responsibility to raise our vibration, so that we heal for ourselves and the rest of the Universe. It’s coming to us from all sorts of places. Esther and Jerry Hicks, and Abraham, Mike Dooley, it’s all about taking responsibility for ourselves, which is a powerful place to be in. It means no more being a victim. (which can be uncomfortable sometimes )
I was fortunate enough to go to see Mike Dooley, when he came to Manchester on his 3rd World tour. Although he was ill, he managed to get through the day and it was inspirational as I knew it would be.
His favourite saying is, “Thoughts become things – choose the good ones.” And he’s right. We choose our thoughts all the time, why not choose the ones that make us feel good about ourselves? Probably because we’ve been conditioned to do it the other way round. And we can change that. With EFT, TAT, Ho’oponopono, working with the Law of Attraction.
If you go to Mike’s site and sign up for his adventurers club, you’ll get a humorous and inspiring message from the Universe, Monday to Friday. I look forward to it each morning.
If you want to change your way of thinking and let go of the old thoughts and patterns and beliefs that stop you raising your vibration, and living life in the flow, come and join me at beautiful Lake Bled in Slovenija, or at Disarming self sabotage in New York,
or Transforming your Past in Rhode Island. I look forward to sharing time with you and clearing even more layers
I spent another lovely day in Vienna yesterday, cycling along the Danube. And boy do I know it today! Aching knees and feeling bruised when I sit down, but it was lovely in the wind and sun. We finished the day at the famous Cafe Centrale where I managed to have apfelstrudel AND Sachertorte. What a way to end the day. 🙂


Ho’oponopono. www.ho’ I’ve been reading/thinking/discovering things about this since the last time I was in Hawaii and it makes a great deal of sense and fits with my belief that we are 100% responsible for what happens in our life. Even though I’ve been known to cast the blame elsewhere from time to time I do really know that whoever or whatever is causing a problem in my life, has been drawn to me because of my vibration. If I don’t like it, it’s up to me to take responsibility for changing my vibration.
I’m in the middle of reading Zero limits by Joe Vitale, which talks about Ho’oponopono. It comes from an ancient Hawaiian system for healing and it’s about accepting that as everything is one, whatever shows up in our life resonates with us and we can clear the old memories that we are storing, that makes it possible for that to happen.
There is a 4 part statement and as I understand it, you think of whatever the problem is and then say to the Divine/Universe/God/whatever makes the flowers grow,
I love you,
I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thank you.
Although God doesn’t need you to apologise to him, we need to hear the apology. It’s supposed to clear whatever is the problem and it’s an ongoing process. Whatever you’re not happy about, you say those statements like a mantra. As we clear ourselves, we clear that for everyone else, which is what I talk about in Transforming your Past, Reconnecting with the Core. I’m currently playing with it and it’s amazing how just focusing on clearing, reminds me of how much there is to clear. I’ll let you know how I get on
I’m also having a great time in Vienna and enjoying the coffee and cake tradition. I had my first genuine Black Forest gateau yesterday. I bit different to the ones I used to get in the Berni Inns, which some of you may remember

Here I am at Heathrow, thinking I’d use my spare time to catch up with the blog and I can’t connect to the free wi fi. I’m not sure if it’s me or the wi fi. It appears to have disappeared from the list of places I can connect to at the moment! Is this telling me that it’s OK to have a holiday and I don’t need to work right up to the wire as usual? Maybe. However, I’m writing this in word and I’ll cut and paste when I finally get connected. That way I have my holiday with a clear conscience Someone once asked me what a work ethic was and I said it’s what gets me up to look at emails at 7am and keeps me working on the computer until 12pm more days than I would like. I’m always in the process of readjusting so that I don’t do as much, but somehow, I can still hear my mum saying “shouldn’t you be working!!” It was her mantra when I first started working for myself and I seem to have taken over her role. Something else to tap on I think. I’m on the way to Vienna, for a holiday with a friend. It’s the first time I’ve been there and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been promised coffee and cake everyday, which could be interesting as I don’t eat many sweet things, maybe I could practice till I get it right.
It feels good to have a break. I’ve finally completed the arrangements for the Disarming self sabotage course in New York in May. This is the link to The American website courses in Rhode Island, also in May and the beautiful weeks retreat in Slovenija ?level=1&subcatid=7at the beginning of June. I’m so looking forward to spending time with new and old friends. If you are drawn to do some deep clearing, with lovely people, in beautiful places and have fun too, please come and join me:)