Clutter Clearing Part 1

Clutter clearing part 1

Well I said I’d do a series on clutter clearing because that’s the process I’ve been through for the last couple of years and it seems to be something that most people have an issue with at some point in their life.

To me, emotional clutter and physical clutter go hand in hand and I can see the state of my emotional health, just by looking at my surroundings. I’m looking at my beautifully tidy and clear dining room at the moment and celebrating a big shift in my energy that’s taken place.

For 18 months, that room was my office. I moved into this house at that time, set up my desk and since then, until last week, it became the dumping ground! In 18 months, the surface of my desk was clear twice, for a day each time and the floor was covered in boxes. It represented all the “to do’s” in my life. The things I thought I “ought “ to do, “should”, “need”, “must” do. The grown up, not fun things, the things authority said I had to do. It held all my tax paper work, bank stuff, bills, lists of people to add to my newsletter list, ideas for courses, marketing, blogging. It even held interesting stuff, fun stuff, I just couldn’t see it for the rest.

Can you imagine how it felt? I avoided that room as much as I could. I went round it rather than through it, and most times I couldn’t have got through if I tried! It loomed large in my life, from my living room it leered at me. I kept catching it in my right eye, in the conservatory, I could feel it glowering at my back. It felt threatening and scary and overwhelming and I beat myself up about it constantly!

Tapalong for overwhelm

Even though I’m completely overwhelmed I’m OK
Even though it’s so big I can’t see how I’ll ever sort it out, I’m ok
Even though I feel so guilty about it, I “ought” to know better, I deeply and completely accept myself.
I ought to know better
I do know better
How could I let it get into such a state
I don’t want to look at it
It’s too hard
I need help, I can’t do it on my own
And even though it’s too much to deal with now, maybe I could clear the guilt
Maybe I could accept that it’s just giving me a message. And now I recognize that, maybe I could allow the guilt to go.

Part 2 next week☺

Starting all over again!!!

After an 18 month holiday from blogging, I’m back and raring to go.

At the time I stopped blogging, I hit overwhelm. I was blogging, tweeting, moving house, running courses in the States, going on retreat myself and I just couldn’t keep up with myself!

I decided something had to be put on hold and it was the blogging and in fact a lot of other things too. The house became the priority and finally, it feels that I can say it’s more or less sorted and I love it.

I have space, it’s peaceful, I can go for walks without using the car, including over the fields to the pub in the next village and it has a fantastic garden, which has been a source of so much pleasure for me this summer.

I’m intending to run 2 strands on the blog, one will be newsy, a more immediate response to what’s going on in my life, and one will be more of a theme. Watch out for the those, the first subject is clutter clearing, (and I know all about that!!)

I’m looking forward to sharing with you again, so stay well and be happyMy Nasturtiums