Learning for life



Learning really is lifelong, isn’t it? I tried to send a video blog last week and I’m not even sure if it went out! what a steep learning curve social media is and yet, I’ve changed something within me that allows me to see this as fun, rather than the burden I’ve been pretending it was, for all these years!

Part of the key has been to recognise my learning style. If I try to learn in the way others do, because that’s that you “should” do I don’t get very far. I know I’m kinaesthetic and so I learn best by doing. audios go into one ear and out of the other and I never make time to sit and watch videos, but get me hands on with someone who can show me, in the moment and it’s great, so that’s what I did this week. I hired social media expert Jessica Shailes to spend 1/2 a day with me to lead me through facebook and youtube and at least I feel enthused now and I have resources to refer back to.

And of course, life itself is about learning. About learning who you are and what you like to do, what brings you joy. EFT too, is all about learning. if you’re coming on my courses now, you’ll be getting a different experience than if you came on a course even 5 years back, because we can’t help but learn and refine what we do, in the light of our experiences.

“And even though we were taught as children that there was a right way to do things and a wrong way and we’ve been acting as though that’s true, right up until now, I wonder how I’d feel if I could really FEEL that there is no right or wrong and that it’s all just learning? And that actually all I’m doing is gathering vital information? And I deeply and completely accept myself and the little child that I was when I first learnt that old stuff!”

Clarity and integrity


How clear are you about what things are in integrity for you and what aren’t?

I’m asking because of a situation I was in recently, where I was asked to do something for someone that felt wrong for me.

I knew that I didn’t want to do it and I wasn’t sure if my instinct was right and if I had the right to say no. As a well trained people pleaser part of me thought I should say yes and the rebel inside was screaming no and I had to sort out what exactly was going on for me.

Thankfully tapping helped. I was able to tap on the little girl feelings that had me afraid to get into trouble and who didn’t think it was “fair.”

Once they were out of the way, I was able to look at the situation from my adult’s perspective and really feel into what felt good to me. To look at the options and feel into what message my body was giving me, it’s a great way to check what you’re in integrity with.

I decided to say no and it felt right. It felt that I was doing it from a considered place, rather than the foot stamping I was indulging in at the beginning and I knew that had I said yes, I would have been out of integrity with myself and that’s a very uncomfortable place to be in (and maybe I still have some tapping to do about that )

So… if you have a difficult decision to make, you might like to see where your small child is and deal with their concerns first and then see what feels right to you. I think it’ll make your decision much easier and happy tapping to you all.

Tapalong on clarity.

Even though I’m feeling all these feelings and I don’t know which of them are reasonable and which are not…yet, I’m OK

Even though I have all these feelings and possibly some of them belong to my child they’re ok and

Even though I’ve got all these conflicting feelings, I deeply and completely accept myself.


I don’t know

What’s mine

What’s my childs

What’s my adults

What’s reasonable

What’s not

And I’m so glad I can tap on it

And I’m open to the possibility that I can tap to clear and get clarity


Even though I’ve got all these feelings, they came from long ago and that was then and this is now.

Even though some of these feelings may not even have been mine in the first place, I’m ok

Even though I have all these small child feelings from so long ago, I choose to release them now, easily, safely, and comfortably


They’re not mine from now

And those things happened

And they’re over

And I survived and maybe I no longer need those feelings

Allowing myself to let go

Allowing myself to be in the moment as my adult

Allowing myself to know that I always make good decisions when I’m in integrity and alignment with myself

And trusting myself to make a good decision right now, for the me I am at this moment, with all my adult resources.


Thanking myself for listening to myself 🙂