Listen to yourself!

I hope you had a good holiday and that 2014 will be a wonderful year for you. I’ve certainly had an interesting start:)

I say to trainees and clients, listen to what you say to yourself, or about yourself and then you know what to tap on.

There are more good reasons to listen to yourself too, as I reminded myself this holiday time.

I’d decided to book 3 weeks off, so that I could flow gently into Christmas and enjoy the preparations, as the family were coming to me. I had vague thoughts that I might do some writing and I might catch up with some of the many things on my list, that I don’t seem to get round to and mostly, I wanted to get up when I woke up, with an empty day ahead of myself and plan as I went along, no pressure, just ease and flow.

So did I do that? Well I booked 3 weeks off, went into Christmas panic, ( I hadn’t written any cards by then, or done presents or food,) so no ease and flow there and then it suddenly seemed a good idea to have a clear out before the new year, an emotional clear out that is, all the odds and ends that I’d been intending to work on when there was nothing else bigger in the way.

I found myself a willing tapping buddy and we went for it. we had 3 hour sessions, 5 hour sessions and just before New year, an eight hour session and on New Years Eve, a 10 hour session!!! Boy were we having fun:)

The plan was then to stop and allow things to integrate, because we had cleared some BIG stuff, lifetimes worth.

And I found myself going into panic mode. I’ve only got 2 days left of the 3 weeks, I’ve not done any of the writing, or catching up, maybe I could cram it into the next 2 days.

And the parts of me that were listening when I said that I was having 3 weeks off, decided to remind me what I’d said, in fact, what I’d promised myself. They weren’t happy at the thought of 2 more crowded days and then back to work, so I went down with flu on New Years day. It went on and on and it took a while before I realised what was going on. I don’t do ill, so it was a shock. It reminded me of when I used to teach and I’d say if I can just get through everything before the end of Christmas term, then I can collapse and I got flu 3 years running, before I heard what I was saying to myself! And still it took time for me to realise what I’d said to myself and what I’d actually done!

Do I regret all that tapping?  Not a bit, it was fun and productive and I’m hoping life changing, The tapping let me know that there were aspects to old patterns that I run, that I hadn’t noticed, which is great and at the same time, it reminded me that I also need to care for me. If I want to be out in the world sharing my skill, I need to be in a good space, not just emotionally, but physically too, so my new resolution is to make time for myself. To look at what I fit into my life and see what’s important and what’s not.

And I wonder what you’ve promised yourself that you’ve not delivered on … yet? Might this wonderful new year be a good time to think about the possibility of putting yourself and your needs first? And if you can hear parts of you screaming NOOOOO!!! You’ll have a good idea of what to tap on next and if you need help, just let me know, it’s what I love to do:)

And if you want to clear stuff while learning how to use EFT for yourself and others, or you know anyone else who might, I have an EFT 1 and 2 course this weekend, 17-19th Jan. I’d love to see you here:)