The beginning of the rest of my life!

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Another lovely spring day here in the UK and the garden’s looking even more lovely. Everyday, there’s something new to see and celebrate and gardens to me are such a great metaphor for life.

Last year the garden felt too cramped and crowded and as though there just wasn’t any room for expansion, to put in the exciting new plants that I’d like, to change the feel of it. It just felt stuck in a rut. And it wasn’t just the garden!

I took some time to look at it and to think about it. I bounced ideas around with a friend and she helped me to make new, bigger borders, that I planted loads of bulbs into. I moved crowded plants in there, so they had space to really bloom and grow into the magnificent specimens they are. I planted some of the new plants that I wanted and now I can enjoy the result. The garden is colourful and surprising and I can see plants that were squashed into places too small for them, expanding to fill their rightful place in the universe. It’s a joy to have been part of.

And I realise that’s where I’ve been with my business. I’ve been trying to squash myself into a way of working that felt too small, not expansive enough to allow me to grow into the me that I am and in turn, that was keeping me, as a person, stuck.

I’ve given myself the opportunity to look at my life and my business in the way that I looked at my garden and like the garden, I’ve given myself some surprises:)

I realise that I’m ready for something new, a new approach to sharing EFT that excites me, energises me, allows me to be my creative self and will help people to use EFT in their life and business in a way that really works, clearing all the deep stuff that keeps them small.

I’m full of plans and I’m giving myself the time to set them in motion. I am rewriting the website to show clearly what I offer so people can find the best path for them.

It feels that I’m restructuring my life as well as my business, so that I can have time to be me, while doing the things that I’m passionate about.

Things will be in place by the autumn and meanwhile I’m giving myself permission to enjoy the process of preparing, just as I’d enjoy digging new beds in the garden and planting bulbs.

And I wonder where you are with your life and your business. would time out just looking at what is and comparing it to what you would like, be helpful? And if so what would stop you doing that?

Here’s a tapalong for allowing change.

Even though I’m doing all this and I don’t know how to stop, I’m ok

Even though I’m so busy that I don’t have the time to take the longer view, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I’d like to do things differently and I’m so overwhelmed with what I’m doing now,  I deeply and completely accept myself.

I’m overwhelmed

I don’t have enough time for what I do now

How could I do any more?

It’s just more stuff to do and I’ve got enough already

And yet I am tired of being like this

And I would like things to be different

And I can’t see how that could happen if I carry on as I am

I wonder if it would be possible just to plan myself a play day , or a play hour, where I just breathe and allow myself to imagine

Even though I’m not sure how I could do that, I’m OK

Even though I’ve forgotten what daydreaming and imagining are like,  I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though they told me to stop daydreaming, maybe that was their stuff and I don’t have to make it mine.

Parts of me know how to daydream

They used to be good at it

And maybe they could still be good at it if I allowed them

I wonder what would happen if I took half an hour and just started to daydream my perfect day

If I wrote it, drew it, or just thought it

If I allowed myself to connect to the excitement and maybe even joy, of living that way

If I played with it, instead of making it serious, maybe the scared parts of me would feel safer

And maybe when I have the vision, I could allow my subconscious to attract it into my life easily, effortlessly and safely, so that it happens without any overwhelm and with a sense of joyful surprise and maybe that would be ok:)