Moving forward


Well it really does feel as though I am moving forward both in my business and my life! Phew!!!

I’m in Slovenija at the moment, I finally made it without too much drama, thank goodness for tapping:) I’m running a workshop and a retreat and loving it, as always. The people who choose to do this deep work are always amazing. we clear so much and have so much fun while we do that.

In addition, I’ve signed up for a blogging workshop with the wonderful Corrina Gordon-Barnes. It feels the right time to take blogging seriously, partly because I really enjoy it and so I’d like it to be effective and partly because it’s such a great way to share things with people who may not otherwise find their way to what I offer.

With one of the groups I’ve been working with, we looked at where we were and what issues we were working on, when we first got together. For some people that was 4 years ago and others a year. Some people had completely forgotten the issues that were so consuming originally and they were amazed when they realised just how far they’d come and for me, my entire life is different and I’m loving it. I wanted to create a business that allowed me to travel and in the next 2 months I’m in Slovenija, Devon and Amsterdam, with a side trip to sail in Croatia in August.

I could say how lucky I am and that would be true and at the same time, it’s not just down to luck, I also played my part in creating it. I got clear about what I wanted and why and I did what needed to be done, to make it happen and that involved connecting to lovely people who helped me.


To create anything, it’s important to be clear about what you’re wanting to create, then it’s down to finding the small steps that will move you towards that and doing them. What we tend to do, and I include me in this, is look at where we want to be and say, I’m not there and put our focus on that. It stops us in our tracks and makes any movement seem overwhelming and often impossible.

When we break down that journey into small steps and tap on “Even though I’m not where I want to be …..yet, I choose to take a small step towards it.” We’re acknowledging the reality that we aren’t there….yet, which opens us to the possibility that we may be there soon and it refocuses us on the things that we can do, such as blogging, sending out a newsletter, going to a networking meeting or even chatting to someone you meet about what you do. So many wonderful things can come from chance conversations.

Tapalong on not there….yet

Even though I’m not there ….yet, I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though I’m not even sure where there is….yet, I’m OK

Even though I’m not there ….yet, I’m open to the possibility that I may be nearer than I think

Not there


And yet

Maybe I’m closer than I think

Maybe I could consider the possibility that this is a journey

And a journey starts with a single step

And maybe a step isn’t too much to do

and maybe I could allow myself to feel good about the steps I take, wherever they take me.



Here I am, off to Slovenija to run a workshop and a retreat and I’ve found myself completely paralysed and overwhelmed by all I have to do before I go.

When I get into that state I stay up late, wake up early and do anything I can think of, not to do what needs doing. Familiar?

And then I realised, it’s my Fear Paralysis reflex in action! Since I did a course on Primary reflexes with Sylvia Jackson¬† I can recognise when they appear in my life.

Those reflexes are designed to get a baby through birth and the first 2 years of life and then they are supposed to fade as their job is done and for some people they don’t fade and for some of us, they pop up again in certain contexts. once I know what’s going on, I can just tap on “Even thought that reflex is still working, it’s done it’s job now and it’s ok for it to fade and allow the adult to take over.” and it works!! which is why I’m writing a blog:)

The thing about being in fear paralysis is that everything looks as important as everything else and it’s impossible to make a decision, which keeps you stuck. Now I’ve cleared it, I’ve cancelled a networking meeting, which would have left me panicking about catching the train to the airport and I find I’m just working through what’s on my list without drama. Boy does it feel good. I’ve done half of them already.

So if you find yourself paralysed by indecision, have a go on tapping the sentence above and see what happens. I’d love to hear how it works for you:)

Living for the day

“Nothing is worth more than this day” ¬†Goethe

I’ve just had a few days away in one of my favourite places, North Yorkshire. I visited several abbeys, some I’d visited before and others for the first time and what I got from them was a sense of the power of the land. It felt that those places were holy before we ever came to build on them. They’ve been like that maybe since the world began, and I think the people who built the monasteries sensed that and built there to harness that power.


Maybe where we as humans come in, is being able to harness and direct that power, for healing, for holding the space for miracles to happen.

What if we don’t need to strive and do and plan and plot? What if we could be more like those monks and nuns and really be in the moment, doing what’s in front of us to be done? What if we could be in the moment and really feel it and the world around us and hold the space for miracles?


It feels to me more and more that we are so connected to everything in the world, not just other humans, that everything we do has an impact. How would it be, if as you do your own healing, whether that’s tapping, or in any other way, you just set your intention than anyone or anything that could benefit alongside side you could? Can you see how the healing of the world would intensify? I’ve been doing it for a while now and it feels very powerful and such a wonderful gift to offer, feeling that as I clear “stuff”, others don’t have to do that. the energy in the world is different now, we don’t have to take ages to make changes, it can be instant, when we decide to allow it to be.

And to do that effectively, you don’t have to shut yourself away from the world, just live in it, fully in it, being present in the moment. connecting to the beauty around you, the beauty of the earth and the people in it. And then it all seems so much simpler and easier and it can be.


Enjoy the beautiful spring and allow it to lift up your spirits and then watch for the miracles:)