What a wonderful world!


Sun shining after rain, beans flowering, butterflies fluttering, the whole world looks washed anew, shining and ready to bloom!

And I feel the same!!! what a wonderful feeling:)

I had a big EFT session with a colleague a couple of days ago and I knew something huge had shifted when I came downstairs the next morning and started to do my taxes which I’ve been avoiding since April and what’s more they’re finished and ready to go and I’ve written 3 tricky emails I’ve been avoiding too! Woohoo!!!

Doesn’t it just feel wonderful when you have that “everything in the garden’s rosy feeling?” One of the reasons I love EFT so much is that I know I have the power to create that whenever I want. when things aren’t flowing, if I’m feeling stuck, I can stay and wallow for as long as I want, because I know I have the choice to do it differently whenever I’m ready. And then I get to feel like this:)

If you want some of that feeling too, then book a session and really see and feel the difference it makes.

What a wonderful world:)


You may say that I’m a dreamer………

and I’m not the only one!


What beautiful people I’ve met over the last few weeks in workshops in Slovenija, Devon and Amsterdam.and how much change was created in that time, for us and for the rest of the universe. For every change that we make changes the world, like the ripples spreading in a pond. All of our experiences are stored in the matrix and therefore available for others to use. I believe that when we hold something to be a reality, we create it, it’s then available for us and others. If you hold the vision of your clients as perfect, whole and complete, that reality is available for them to step into. When you hold that vision for yourself, it’s who you are.

We’re so good at holding the negative visions, we’ve done that thoroughly! I think it’s time to try holding the positive visions for ourselves and our world and notice the difference.

I remember as a small child being told by my mother not to talk to people I didn’t know, on the way to school. She said not everyone was nice. I didn’t believe her then, or now and I set out to prove that she was mistaken. I believed that everyone was fundamentally good and so I beamed a huge smile at everyone I met, ( I still do 🙂 ) and guess what, I got smiles back from people. Even the grumpiest looking people smiled at me, so I held my vision of people being lovely and of course with the law of attraction, that’s what I attracted, lovely people, like those who came on my workshops and joined me in my reality and added their positive reality to mine. We changed lives, ours and others so if you’re feeling good, send them your thanks and if you’re not, remember all that love and those good feelings are now available for you to plug into, whenever you choose. Just close your eyes and imagine connecting yourself to them, they’re yours if you’d like them, with our love:)

As David Hamilton says, changing your body posture changes your body chemistry and therefore changes your feelings which change your beliefs. Changing your thoughts also changes your body chemistry and so changes your thoughts. try it and enjoy the results:)