Dandelion and Burdock!

For anyone of a similar age to me, you’ll probably remember Dandelion and burdock lemonade and here’s a picture of a burdock, I always wondered what it was like:)


What a wonderful summer we’re having here in the UK, I hope your summer has been good too. This is the best for over 20 years here,  I think and nature predicted it. there’s a rhyme which says,

Oak before ash, you’ll only have a splash

Ash before oak, you’re sure sure to have a soak

Every year I try to persuade myself that the oak’s, winning, when really they break into bud about the same time. This year though, the oak was 4 weeks before the ash! And we are having a wonderful summer and I’m celebrating:).

If you thought I’d been quiet over the summer, you were right. after a flurry of activity, running courses in Slovenija, Devon and Amsterdam, (and if you’d like me to run a course in your area and you can get a group together, please let me know, jaqui@beacontraining.co.uk) I awarded myself time off!

I’ve camped for a week in Devon and managed to get my tent up myself, very proud , then with a friend in Dorset, and we got the tent down before Hurricane Bertha hit us:) All feels very good in my world and as the weather is changing, I can feel the desire to  start moving forward again.

My new website is finally almost ready to go and I’m so excited! It’s so hard to decide when it’s good enough  and  I guess the recovering perfectionist still has some recovering to do:) It’s designed to make it easier to see what I can offer, from free videos, and blogs, through one to one sessions and programmes and of course the ever popular DVD’s.

I’ll be telling you about a new way of learning EFT that teaches you all the skills that I’ve acquired over the years and there will be workshops and programs to help you clear old “stuff” and move forward into the life you want to live, so watch out for the announcement as it goes live and I’d love to have feedback.

I’m guessing some more clearing and clarity on MY part might move things forward more rapidly for the web designer, so here’s a tapalong, for me and for you:)

Even though I’m not really clear about what I want and I’m avoiding giving myself time to get clear, I’m OK

Even though part of me is resisting making decisions, and maybe it’s scared of getting things wrong, I deeply and completely accept all parts of me.

Even though I don’t want to be pigeon holed, or stuck with choices that don’t work for me and part of me may not have realised, yet, that I can make new choices any time I want, I deeply and completely accept myself.

This old pattern


Not sure

What if I get it wrong?

What if I don’t like what I decide?

I’m open to the possibility that I no longer have to stay stuck

Maybe I could take the first steps and see how I like it

And remember that this is my life and I can create it and recreate it anyway I like, at any time that I like and maybe, I’m really, very ok:)

Enjoy the rest of your summer.