What a tangle!

IMG_0072Do you get those times when everything you try to do is tied up in something else and no matter what you start, there’s something that needs doing first, so you find yourself going around in circles? I’m in one of those right now!

I’m wanting to send out a newsletter with my new website and courses and before I can, I want to make sure the website is as I want it to be, which means I need to change the date of some courses and the website won’t let me, so I can’t sort the website and I can’t write the newsletter and I can’t tell people what I’m offering and….. and …… and….. so it goes on!

For me I know I’m being given a message. If things aren’t flowing, there’s always a reason and in this case it’s my own lack of clarity. I’ve made so many changes over the last few months, from the spelling of my name, to the website, to what I’m offering to clients that I realise I could do with taking time to focus in on who I am and what I want and from that place, clarity comes. So, I’m taking a breath, stepping back to basics. Who am I? What’s important to me? What do I have to share that’s important to others? What do I love to do?

I’m really looking forward to doing that and to seeing what comes of it because I’m sure something will. The clearer we are about who we are, the easier life becomes and the easier it is to make decisions that work for us. Keep an eye open for my new offerings that I am sure will come out of this process and when you see my newsletter, you’ll know things are clear:) and if you haven’t signed up for it yet, here’s the link, newsletter It has details of what I’m offering and a free tapalong each month and you get a free EFT for success video for signing up:).

And don’t forget, if you get into this space, take a breath, step back, focus on the feelings in your body and tap. things will clear and you’ll soon be back on track.


Sleeping out under the stars!

IMG_2198The last day of sailing, I slept on deck watching shooting stars and woke at sunrise to dolphins following a fishing boat! what a wonderful experience.

We spent the day swimming and tapping and tapping and swimming. What a privilege to spend time having fun with a group of people who take responsibility for their stuff! How do people manage to live when they have no means of clearing old stuff? I’m so grateful for all the tools that are out there for us to use.

We sailed back to the Marina in the remains of the Bora wind. I was helming and it took all my strength to stay on course. It was very exciting, a bit like life really:)

Today I’ve spent in my garden, tidying, hanging out washing, picking raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and beans. (Something ate all the plums while I was away, a whole tree full!!)


It was so warm today, with a gentle breeze, I slept on the swing this afternoon and it reminded me that to stay in a good space with myself, I need time to just be, to use all of my senses to connect to the wold around me. Watching the dragonflies and butterflies, feeling the sun and the wind on my skin, closing my eyes and listening to the water in the fountain, and the buzzards overhead. that’s the best meditation for me, to just be really present with what is. it slows me down and connects me to life and it feels good.

You could try it for yourself, just for a minute. Close your eyes and notice what you hear. Watch a spider on it’s web, feel the earth beneath your feet, eat an apple and really hear the crunch, feel the juice squirt and the texture as you chew, smell it, enjoy it.IMG_0075