If not now, when?



 Hi Folks,

What interesting times we’re having at the moment. It seems like all sorts of old stuff is popping up for people, ready to be cleared, including me!

I was aware of an uncomfortable feeling when I thought about the EFT Masterclasses online that I’m launching, in spite of much tapping thought the whole process and the new learning’s it’s entailed, not to mention being more visible than I’m used to:)

So I called a colleague and asked if she had space to give me a session, Thank you Sylvia for doing 8.30am on a Sunday!!

We started with the feelings in the body and soon zoomed back to times past, long past. It became apparent that the roots of the feeling came from a previous life, and probably several. (if you’re not sure about past lives, it’s simple to see them as a metaphor created by the subconscious and you can use it successfully either way.)

In the space of just over an hour, we cleared huge stuff, around being cast out from the tribe, about being judged for something I didn’t do. All the helplessness and not fairness and the humiliation. All that from “I have this uneasy feeling!!!” And of course that’s why I like teaching the advanced techniques that allow people to go to those deep roots, because that’s where change takes place and that change affects every area of your life. There’s such a sense of lightness and freedom when a core issue has been resolved, whether in started in this life, or another really doesn’t matter. If you’d like to join me on the EFT Masterclasses online where I teach the techniques that help you to make those changes quickly and easily, you can use the code 31243 to claim your saving of £200.

And of course, if you’d like to experience those changes yourself in a personal session, check out the details here and click on the coaching button.

And if you find yourself procrastinating, (and how well I know that one! ) check out my video on Ending procrastination

I look forward to connecting with you in whatever way works for you:)

With love, Jaqui

kiss small

Smiling is good for you.. ;)


Isn’t it true? As soon as you smile, your energy lifts and and the world looks a brighter place.

Even putting a smile on your face when you don’t feel like smiling makes a difference as it changes the body’s chemistry, which changes your feelings.

I realised as I was driving yesterday that I had a smile on my face even though I wasn’t thinking of anything particular that I was aware of. Periodically I’d catch sight of my face in the driving mirror and it was still there and it made me feel good. It was a sign to me that I was in a good emotional space in spite of all the busyness in my life.

And boy am I busy!! I had no idea when I decided to launch a series of EFT Masterclasses online just what was involved, (and what a good job I didn’t, I might never have started!)

Here’s a video to tell you what’s involved in the EFT Masterclasses online. Just another thing I was inspired to do to avoid other “to do’s” 🙂

It seems that as soon as I’ve made one decision, another pops up to be made and then another and another. One thing I’ve learned through this process is to listen to myself and to look after myself. When I find myself going into overwhelm and busyness about unimportant things, I know it’s time to stand back and give myself a breathing space. Consciously I know the world won’t stop if I don’t do whatever I’m currently busying about and my subconscious doesn’t always believe me:) Thank goodness for tapping!

So this weekend I took off from work. I went out with my mother, I looked at wedding venues with my son and his girlfriend and I had an unexpected invite to dinner with neighbours and it was lovely to give myself permission just to do what felt good and I have so much more energy this morning to do what needs doing.

Where would it be good for you to step back? What are you currently so involved in that you can’t see the wood for the trees? How would it be if you took time out for a drink? Or a walk? Or a wander round the garden? If you think about that what feelings come up? What do the voices in your head say?

And here’s a tapalong to help with those voices and feelings:)

Even though I have so much to do, I don’t know where to start, I’m OK

Even though I don’t know where to start and part of me doesn’t want to start at all, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I know just starting somewhere and doing one thing at a time is the best way forward and I’m too overwhelmed to do that, I’m OK

Even though I might see more clearly if I took myself out of this for a few minutes, or even hours and I don’t see how I can do that,….yet…. I’m OK

Even though I know I need to take a breath and recharge my energy I deeply and completely accept myself and the voices that are telling me that I can’t it’s not safe, I don’t deserve to, I’ll never  get things sorted if I do and all the old “stuff” that people have said to me over the years that I’ve taken over as my own and I’m using so cleverly at the moment.

Even though that’s what I do and I’ve done it for years and it’s got me here, I’m open to the possibility that I’ve done that now and I’m here and maybe there are more useful ways of doing things that fit who I am now.

Maybe I could do it differently

Maybe I could thank those voices and give them something different to say that would be much safer, healthier and more fun than their old stuff

Maybe I could acknowledge those feelings and give the parts that create them new information.

Like…”that was then and this is now”

“I have new adult resources that would be more helpful than these feelings’

“Those things happened and they’re over and I’ve survived and it’s OK to let those feelings go now.”

Maybe I could stand up right now and move to somewhere else

Maybe I could make a drink and stand outside and look at the world growing and blooming without my help and remember that I’m growing and blooming too and I will continue to do that whether I do all this “stuff” or not and that’s OK and so am I, whatever I decide to do.

Happy tapping

And here’s the link again to the video about the EFT Masterclass online


Sunshine and showers = rainbows

IMG_2249Photo on 13-10-2014 at 15.24IMG_2248

Hi Folks,

Well the weathers finally changed. The last few days I’ve been rushing around looking for rainbows because the weather is going from sunny to rainy in an instant. I love rainbows don’t you? They lift my heart and remind me of being told as a child that they were God’s promise that all was well with the world and that’s before you even get to the magic of the pot of gold!

it’s properly raining today and I’ve been out in the rain to cut some roses that will just go soggy if I leave them out there. It’s  hard to believe that it’s mid October when the garden has looked like mid summer until now.

I’m sitting at my desk in the conservatory, looking out a the garden, bathed in the smell of roses, with a great cup of coffee in my favourite mug that says Joy. It doesn’t get much better than this 🙂 

Maybe that’s my pot of gold for today. I’m thinking that the magic is really there all the time for us,  we’re often just too busy looking for it to see it. If we stop for a moment and just be with what is, with the sense of gratitude and wonder that comes so naturally to us, we uplift our spirits, re-energise ourselves and can go back into the world with new purpose and positivity.

I’ve spent the morning at the computer writing, sorting out newsletters, the blog, photos and webinar programs ready for the launch of my EFT masterclasses. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, there’s so much to do and so much of it is new to me and so different to how I usually run my business and after the few minutes in the rain in the garden I’ve got my sense of proportion back:).

All that I’m doing is finding a better way to connect with the people I love, those whose purpose in life is to grow themselves, so they can show others how to grow. We’re all in it together in this life, fitting together like the pieces of a jigsaw, all with our individual goals and needs, each perfect, whole and complete exactly as we are, doing the best we can do, as we always do. All truly is well in our world and as my good friend David Hamilton says, “We can only do it right.”

So I’m back to planning my EFT Masterclasses webinars, so that I can share all the good stuff I’ve created in over 15 years of using EFT. This is the stuff that really works and makes such a difference to your clients. The very special, time and space limited offer, I’ve created for the webinars is coming soon, (please sign up for my newsletter if you want to hear about it as I announce it, it will only be open for 3 days and for for the first 20 people to sign up.)

And of course, if you want to work on yourself and see all this good stuff in action, you can book one to one sessions with me too.

Have a great week, it’s fun connecting with you:)


Gathering in the Harvest


Do what you can with what you have from where you are. – Roosevelt

It’s that time of year again. Yesterday I was out in the park picking sweet chestnuts, last month it was mulberries. I’ve just picked hazelnuts and sweetcorn from the garden and I’m finally harvesting the results of my work.

The last post was about being in a tangle and I seem to have gained some clarity since then, thank goodness. The quote above, pointed me in the right direction, you can’t do everything at once, just doing what’s there to be done is a simple and effective sway forward.:)

I’ve taken some time out and advice to see what, out of the many possibilities there are, I could focus on first and I’ve decided that sharing the knowledge I’ve gained from over 15 years of using EFT is my starting point.

I was tired of teaching EFT to people in the same old way it’s been taught for years, when there are so many new exciting ways of using EFT that help people make deep changes more easily and quickly.

I also knew there are people all over the world who deserve to have access to this information, who aren’t able to come to my workshops, so I decided to create a series of Masterclass webinars,  and workshops so you can learn these techniques wherever you are in the world, in whichever way suits you best.

​And if you want to turn your learning into the Qualification of EFT EXPERT, that’s possible too, with a series of case studies and mentoring sessions with me. Email me to discuss what this entails, or just enjoy the learning and using it for your clients, either way, you’ll make a big difference in the world .

There are 2 ways of accessing this learning.

1. EFT masterclass webinars

These webinars will share with you all the things that I’ve learnt since I found EFT in 1999. I’ve made the mistakes and learnt from them so you don’t have to. 🙂 These are the techniques, that have made my practice so successful. If I use it with my clients, I’ll be teaching it and you’ll get to use it too.

The details of the webinars are already on my website, A series of 6 webinars where I teach all the techniques I use that makes my practice so successful, so watch out for the email that announces the very special offer I’m making, for a very limited period.

  1. Getting to the real roots of an issue easily
  2. Using Language for change, (including reframing)
  3. Working with parts and the inner child
  4. Clearing Ancestral and family patterns
  5. Rebirthing, to create a new start for the rest of your life
  6. Looking forward – creating the life you want to lead

2. EFT Masterclass workshops

A series of 6 days of learning and practising in a small group in my home, which allows you to really get comfortable with the techniques, while you clear your own “stuff”.

You can take them separately, or save £90 and take them together.

  1. Getting to the real roots of an issue easily
  2. Using Language for change, (including reframing)
  3. Working with parts and the inner child
  4. Clearing Ancestral and family patterns
  5. Rebirthing, to create a new start for the rest of your life
  6. Looking forward – creating the life you want to lead

There will be a manual with both the webinar and the workshops, so you can build a resource.

As a gift to you, to give you an idea of how I work, here’s a video on Attracting Abundance

And if you haven’t yet told my new newsletter provider that you’re happy to hear from me, please click this link so we can stay in touch http://cts.vresp.com/c/?BeaconTraining/e90a6a767f/TEST/1452f0e850/zwzyzy03axo6ulghsarpbvb21s50xva23clr6061