What would happen if your vision board came true?


Hi Folks,

I went on a vision board workshop last week. I know they work, I just haven’t allowed myself to do one before. “What if I got it wrong?” “What if I don’t like what I thought I did?” “What if I prove it won’t work for me?” were just a few of the stoppers I found when I stopped to look at what was in my way. Anyone recognise some of those? 🙂

So… I went on the workshop anyway and I had so much fun! I just put my head down and got snipping. If you don’t know, A vision board is a visual representation of what you’d like to attract into your life and you can cut words and pictures from magazines that represent how you want your life to be.

I had no idea really, because I’d been very busy not looking closely at how I wanted my life to be. I do it from time to time and  mostly I get on with the present moment.

I found myself cutting out pictures of the South Pacific islands and New Zealand. Places I want to go to, lots of them. Yachts sailing in blue waters, past white beaches. It felt great. Then I found myself cutting out houses, or rather gardens with houses attached. Those pictures were much bigger, then I found words that spoke to me, about sharing, growing, creating my dream business, travelling, having fun, above all connecting to people on a deep level.

I started to arrange my cuttings onto my board and found to my surprise that the homes and gardens were the centre. They had to be in the middle of the board as the foundation. Isn’t it amazing what you can learn about yourself and your priorities by doing something like this?

Next came the beaches and the sailing and words like loaf, relax and last came a flurry of words around business, work, what I do. It was so interesting because that’s not the order I would have expected and what was obvious looking at the board was how busy I’d made the work part. No wonder I needed the peaceful home and garden and the holidays where I did nothing! If I create my business as it looked on that board I’ll be too exhausted to enjoy it!

A lot of learning there and I’m planning a new board now, one that shows what feels good and peaceful and interesting and exciting, and without the frenetic energy this board had.

I know I can do it and I know it’ll work too, so it will be good to be clear about what I really want.

It made me wonder what you might be wanting that isn’t what you really want, or that you wouldn’t allow yourself to be comfortable with if you got it and if there was something I could do to help you to get more clear about what’s important to you and to be comfortable and happy when you get it and I decided that now I seem to have mastered webinars 🙂 it might be good to run a series that focuses on you, rather than helping your clients, (though of course they will benefit from what you learn too.)

So I’m going to run a series of 3 webinars on Money Programs, so that you can clear any old lingering programs that you’ve inherited, or created for yourself, then create new healthy programs that support you creating the life you want honestly, openly and joyfully.

Why Money? Because my experience tells me that it’s our warped views about money and worth that tie us up in knots. When we plan our future, we refer to money all the time. “I won’t have enough money to do that.” ” I don’t know where the money will come from.” ” I don’t want to be greedy.” “What if I get really rich, people won’t like it.” “If I made a lot I could give it all away and run lots of free things.” Do you resonate with any of that? And can you see how it would impact the choices that you are allowing yourself to make?

My feeling is that if we can change the money programs, the habits of thought and feeling that we’re used to, we can change our lives in the way that we want to. We create more choices for ourselves.

I’m looking forward to seeing how that impacts my life and I’d love to help you to do that too.

If you’re ready for an adventure come over to the website and Join me in January, clearing the old and creating new Money Programs that work!

And meanwhile, here’s a tapalong on Money programs

With love from Jaqui



“Isn’t that beautiful?”


Every day, stop before something beautiful long enough to say, “Isn’t it beautiful?” 

Alice Freeman Palmer

 I’ve always loved the poem that starts:

“What is this life, if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.”

When I was young I did a lot of standing and staring and wondering at the beauty around me and I still do 🙂

When I find that I’m no longer doing that it reminds me that something is out of balance, usually that something has come up for clearing and it’s time to look at it.

I had one of those times last week. I was so enjoying doing the Masterclasses Online and I’d given myself plenty of space to write the manuals and plan for them. So much so that I’d completed everything I needed to do by Monday evening which meant that the Tuesday and part of Wednesday I’d kept free for that were actually free, without anything in the diary!!!

Now for someone who is busy 🙂 structuring her life so that she has free time to stand and stare you would imagine that was a bonus, something to celebrate.

Not last week it wasn’t!! I went into meltdown, all sorts of old stuff came up to be cleared and I realised that I was still running my mum’s old pattern that you’re only safe if you’re busy. That way you can “prove” that you’re worthy. You’ll keep the wolf from the door, because she believes that you have to work long and hard to earn enough to survive. I wonder how many generations back that belief goes and probably on both sides of the family!

So instead of standing and staring, or going for a walk in the beautiful country park nearby,  I spent the day trying to find other ways to be busy and blot out the discomfort I was feeling. Eventually of course I realised what was going on and I did some tapping. (Isn’t it amazing that even those of us who use it every day don’t go straight for it when we hit a bump!)

Yesterday I had a whole day to myself and just pottered, it was wonderful. Today I’m ready to work, (lots of writing,) and I’m at my desk looking out at the beautiful yellow leaves of my hazel, so I can stop and stare and say, isn’t it beautiful. Uplift my spirit and then return to work with a higher vibration.

If you find that you’re having difficulty with your work/life balance and that you’re not creating for yourself a life that nourishes you, why not do my 3 Steps to Success and be amazed at how much clarity you have and how well resourced you are to create the life that you really want. 🙂

You could also join me on the next Masterclass, “Working with parts and the Inner Child”  and collect new ideas for helping your younger self let go of the old beliefs and decisions they made that are limiting you now:)

With love from Jacqui


I did it!!!


Well I finally did it!

I did my first webinar and it worked out OK. I didn’t press the wrong button and lose everyone! I could mute and unmute people and answer questions and I recorded it!!

I have spent 5 years avoiding doing webinars!

People would ask, when are you doing a webinar and I’d say I don’t like them, I prefer face to face and other great excuses. It was always something I going to do one day, just not yetJ:) (please, don’t make me do it yet!!)

And then, after a summer or thinking what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it, webinars came up again and then I met Julia Canham from Marketing Jumpleads at one of my networking meetings.

I’ve known Julia for many years and when she said that she was working with Paul and they had created a marketing package that ran each month, focusing on one marketing skill at a time, so you got to be good at what you focus on each month, I knew it was what I needed. There are so many ways of marketing these days, all the social media stuff, newsletters, blogs, google ads and it feels overwhelming deciding what to do when, when people tell you they are all important.

So I signed up and guess what, the first month was all about launching a new product! Cue webinars 🙂

Apart from the practical help they provided, what Julia and Paul did for me was to reconnect me to my inner optimist.

The times that I’ve been most successful in my life and had the most fun have always been when I said “Yes” to something, with no idea how I was going to do it! Just saying yes, helps everything in the universe to move round to support you. People appear and offer help, you learn new skills, there are all sorts of synchronicities and it all works out in the end, often surprisingly easily and you have a new set of skills and a greater belief in yourself and your capabilities.

So this week I’m celebrating the part of me that enjoys taking risks and taking on challenges.

And I’m sending gratitude to ALL those people who helped me through this process. I truly appreciate their part in my life 🙂

Is there something you’d like to do and aren’t? Something you that’s sitting on your to do list and you’re avoiding it?

How much more energy would you have if you weren’t having to hold it? If you could do whatever it is easily and comfortably and safely? I can certainly feel a sense of lightness and freedom having decided to to this and doing it.

I wonder if taking one of my Masterclasses online, might free you to do whatever it is that you’re avoiding. 🙂

I’m now offering them individually and you can even take the one I’ve just done as they are all recorded and come with a part manual that builds into a whole, through the series. They are really content rich and I share all the techniques and skills I’ve gained since 1999, so you can add them to your repertoire and make them uniquely your own.

This is some of the feedback I received

“That was an awesome webinar!”

“I am so glad I did and it is the perfect moment to do it!I warm to your style of making things normal and conversational, rather than e.g. a slightly stilted formal parts process.”

Have a good week and why not let your inner optimist come out to play:)

With love from Jacqui

kiss small


Clearing and connecting with love


What a lovely weekend I’ve had, doing the two things I enjoy most, well three things really. Learning, clearing old unneeded stuff and connecting with people on the same wavelength.

I went to a conference by the seaside. As you can see from the picture above, it was a bit windy on the cliffs!! And how clearing it felt. You could feel the old being cleaned out and space being made for the new. When I’ve done clearing with EFT I often like to go out into nature and ground myself, get things into perspective and a hill and wind just adds to the joy. ( A lovely river or stream to sit or float in is good too:) )

The clearer you are, the easier you connect with other people too, as you have less barriers set up to “protect” you. That protection had a purpose in the past and often in the present, it’s just a way of staying stuck. Clearing those old defences, (and that may be making judgements, it may be keeping yourself small, it might be being the life and soul of the party,) leaves you free to connect with others, openly and honestly from your heart and then miracles happen. You attract to you people who connect in the same way. They have something to say that’s exactly what you need to hear, or you may say something they need to hear. New perspectives are shared, the world expands and looks a friendlier place and your heart expands too. you feel more love and compassion, not just for the people around you, also for yourself and so your heart expands even more.

What a wonderful upward cycle to be in:) That’s why I love energy conferences, it’s so easy to be in that space and connect with love and you leave feeling uplifted and energised.

EFT workshops do the same I find, smaller numbers, but still that deep connection and all the synchronicities.

If you didn’t sign up for the EFT Masterclasses online, starting this Saturday, I’ll be running a series of Masterclass workshops starting in January, where I can guarantee you’ll get that deep connection and the sharing of learning and wisdom and love. If that’s what you’ve been wanting in your life, I’d love to connect with you there.

Here’s a video tapalong about clearing whatever may be in the way of clearer connection:)

Have a great week and enjoying using the sun and the wind for clearing:)

With love from Jacqui

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