Practising being a human being!


Spring has definitely sprung here and it reminds me to slow down and enjoy the excitement of the season. I’ve been rushing round with my “to do” lists and all last week I spent avoiding doing anything on the list and not even allowing myself to enjoy not doing it!!

I had a session with a colleague last week to clear the remains of a bug and as usual have absolutely no idea what we worked on, but know it was really important stuff and I’m feeling the effects today. I slept for 7 hours without moving and then dozed for another 3. so unusual for me and I can feel myself moving slowly today. I spent an hour just looking into the pond and watching what’s going on. there must be at least 20 caddis fly larva that have just emerged. they build themselves a shell out of gravel as protection, but in my pond they build it out of watercress stalks and leaves! I don’t think they realise how visible they are as they scurry round with green and yellow cases! and I saw my 1st newt today. that means in a few days time the pond will be full of them and the frogs will be back laying the frogspawn, (which the newts then eat!).

It’s a reminder to me of what’s important in my life and to take time to just be and observe. It brings me back to myself, the essence of who I am and I feel better and move through the world with more joy and more purpose, when I connect to the energy and the beauty of the world.

I wonder what lights you up? What makes you feel good, what helps you to sink deeply into yourself, rather than being fragmented?

Is there anything you can put in place to bring more of that into your life? Do you need time? Space? To let go of something? Or someone? What stops you from giving yourself what you need to thrive, to be a human being, rather than a human doing? ┬áIt can be helpful to ask yourself questions like these to get more clarity about what’s going on for you. I find journalling invaluable, I ramble and then I start to get clarity. I sometimes do the same by texting a friend:)

If there’s anything you think I might be able to help with, let me know, and here’s some suggestions of ways I could help.

One to one sessions

Masterclass on clearing ancestral and family patterns and rebirthing for a new start

Money program, to clear financial blocks, so you feel safer in the world

NE Spring Energy Event, if you live in the States. I’m presenting on “Back to your Blueprint” and there will be a whole lot of lovely people sharing their wisdom and expertise. You’ll get to learn and connect and if you’re there, please come and say hello to me:)

And for now, a tapalong on Being myself and taking time for myself:)

And just a final bit, I’ve got some of the official photos from the wedding, so I thought I’d share them with you. And I got to have Mothers day with my son Sam and his girlfriend and little boy Riley. What a lovely day we had:)



Sam, me, Alex and Andy


Alex and Reema, Mr and Mrs Crooks:)


Sam Leanne and Riley