From 36,000 feet!


I wrote this blog on the plane and the newsletter too and I appear to have deleted them!!    I also did a tapalong about seeing the big picture, on the plane,  which was almost empty, everyone got a row of seats to themselves!!! That’s the first time that’s happened to me and it was wonderful. I could sit, lie, walk around. A great start to the journey:) the only thing to survive is the taplong, and I hope you can hear it if you turn the sound up.

I talked about seeing the big picture and how easy it was from the plane and how great it would be if we could imagine we can see our life from that perspective. Giving ourselves distance, taking the personal out of whatever’s happening gives us a chance to see things more clearly and to make different choices. Still it gives me a chance to talk about the Spring energy event and the workshop.

The energy event was wonderful. Thank you Jondi Whitis for creating this opportunity for us. Anyone who has gone to an EFT conference will know that they are full of people being themselves. Hugs galore and lots of love and connection. I just love going to events like this and this one was lovely. In the Catskill mountains of New York, the hotel was great and the presenters were lovely. I did my presentation and it went really well. You can listen to it here courtesy of Gene Monterastelli, who recorded all the presentations. We even visited the site and museum of the the Woodstock festival


and yes, I have a tie dye teeshirt! It was made for me specially by the lady who makes them, as a thank you for something I said that she’s going to use on the shirts. She was talking about the older hippies who were still living in the past and I said, they’re just choosing the present they live in. It will be on Woodstock teeshirts from now on:) And the truth is that’s what we all do, consciously or unconsciously. We choose the present we live in, by what we focus on. If we focus on love and connection, that’s what we find. If we focus on fear and lack, that’s what we find. What would you rather have in your life? Can you find a way to focus on that more, at this moment and notice what starts to come into your life? At the beginning it’s a conscious choice, you almost have to force yourself to do it and as you tap to tell the subconscious what you want, it will start to find ways to help you to get that.

One of the things that really came out of the conference for me was remembering that I’d planned on creating a business that allowed me to travel and meet lovely people while I’m sharing the things I’ve learnt and I’ve done it!! It was so great to have that reminder of what’s possible when you focus your attention on things.

I’ve had a day in Manhattan, sitting in the sun in Union Square and having lunch at the organic ABC Kitchen, which has the most wonderful fresh organic food and then I went back to see the Carole King Musical, “Beautiful” which was wonderful. I love her music and I’ve chosen Tapestry for my funeral, whenever that is:)


Tomorrow it’s off to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a week by the beach. I’m so looking forward to a week without emails and computers, something I rarely gift myself:) I’ll be back and refreshed and raring to go afterwards I think!

So what plans for your life do you have? Are they working out? If not there may be parts of you not in agreement with your plans, because they don’t have all the information that they need, maybe they can’t see the big picture.

If you could use some help clearing space, so you can attract what you need to create the life you want, please email me at and we can schedule a session:) I’ll look forward to it:) and meanwhile have a wonderful weekend.

With love from Jacqui

Full of the joys of Spring!


Riley rolling down the bank

Since my last Blog, I’ve been really noticing the changes for me. Although nothing changed physically, I’ve still been doing pretty much as I was before the accident and the session after it, actually everything changed, because my feelings have changed. It  was such a great reminder of the power of our feelings. Suddenly, from feeling crowded and busy and hectic, with no time for me, it felt as though the world had opened out and there was space everywhere, between all things and between people too. I found myself moving easily through the day, finding time to walk and take care of myself, getting done more than I usually do and much easier. I had a smile on my face and lightness in my heart. And the only thing that was different was how I felt!

I had a wonderful workshop on Saturday, I do attract the perfect people to work with me and it’s so great to share with others. And what a wonderful holiday weekend we’ve had in the UK. We actually had a sunny Bank holiday, a real rarity here:) I went to a huge adventure playground with my son Sam and his girlfriend and little boy Riley. I even got to roll down a grassy slope, some things are just too much fun to stop doing:) we had a great time and I didn’t find the need to feel guilty once, not even when dinner took longer than expected. We just laughed and decided it would be a takeaway next time!

The learning for me in all this, is to listen to myself and to do what feels good to me. When I find myself drifting into old patterns I’ve reminded myself, that’s old stuff from the past, I don’t do that in the present and it’s been so much easier to stay in this good place. (and of course sunshine helps:) )

I wish you a wonderful Spring time and I’d like you to consider inviting all parts of you to see now as the beginning of the rest of your life. It’s time to let the past be the past and to move forward with what we’ve learnt.

Have a wonderful week, noticing all the wonderful things around you and that includes wonderful you:)

And if you know anyone who might like to share in some of the things I do, it would be wonderful if you could forward my newsletter to them, or a link to the blog, or to a youtube video. the best recommendations are always personal and I know anyone that comes through any of you will be my ideal clients:)

And of course, if there’s a course that you’re interested in and you’d like to gather a group of people, I’d love to come and share with you:) why not email me and we can talk about what’s possible:)

And here’s a tap along about enjoying spring, videoed in my garden by the pond:)

Gathering lilacs with Gran


Hi Folks,

How amazing! I was having a session with my colleague when she heard the song “I’ll gather lilacs in the spring again.” I said that’s my Grans favourite song and then she was there, giving me the message that it was important that I started to trust myself with money! it took me straight back to childhood holidays when the money that Papa gave me that I was forced to save for holidays, was given back to me. I was so resentful at having to save it!! And when I finally got it what I did with it was supervised. I remembered so clearly being told I couldn’t spend it all now, “When it’s gone, it’s gone!” “You’ll be sorry later on if you spend it now.” and so many other instructions and limiting beliefs. And what I realised I had done from that was created a belief that money only goes out until it’s gone. It never comes back in. It matches perfectly with what I’ve worked on in the past, only seeing money leaving, never noticing it arriving, even though it has to arrive in order to leave again!

As you’ll know if you’ve been following the blog, I’ve done a lot of work around Money, preparing for the Money Programs, and it was so great to get this extra insight and so clearly. It’s a perfect example of how we work with EFT. We clear the stuff that we can see and that is available and then we carry on with life, ready to notice the next layer that wasn’t available to us before. Not every message comes to us as clearly as this did, from my Gran, but if you notice the things that are going on in your life, with a sense of curiosity and “I wonder why that happened then.” you’ll find ways to access the messages that are there for you.

The reason I was in the position to receive this message was because I’ve been in what I would call a “floppy” state for a couple of weeks now. I’ve not been doing things that I thought I “should” be doing, (and of course getting mad with myself because of it, even while my rebel was going “Shan’t!”)

I went back into the “I’m not sure if I should be doing this” place. The “what am I here for and what do I want to do” space and then not giving myself time to think things through, or tune into what was really important to me. I was far to busy not doing things!

Then on Friday I took my son and his wife to Heathrow to catch the plane for their honeymoon in New Zealand. 3 hours there and 3 hours back and I was tired when I got home at 10 pm. I parked and started to unload. I was just collecting the 2nd lot of stuff when I realised that the car, with the front door wide open was going past me, fast, I’d obviously not put the handbrake on properly and for once I’d not left it in gear. I had seconds to decide what to do before the door would be torn off by the gate post. I went to close the door and then thought I might be able to get the brake on, pulled the door wider, ran around it and tried to pull the brake on but was at the wrong angle and hadn’t the power. I turned and was trapped between the car door and the gatepost. The scream woke the next door neighbours and then I had to push the car far enough to free myself and get into the car, without doing even more damage to the door. I managed it and immediately rescue remedied and arnica ed myself. The door was sprained and I was bruised, new ones appearing daily:) and I spent several days feeling very wobbly and tired.

I can recognise a message when it hits me that hard so I did something about it! I booked a session with a colleague to get some clarity on why part of me thought it was necessary to do something so dramatic. We looked at trapped, facing the wrong way and going backwards. I’d had several dreams of driving round in circles:)

There were so many great insights and lots of clearing of things from this life and from past lives. And then there was the message from my Gran!

I’m so grateful to have received that insight so clearly, along with others about giving myself time to be with myself and decide what’s important to me. I’m so happy to recognise that the rebellion I was feeling had a purpose. The way I was moving forward just wasn’t right for me, there are so many more congruent ways for me to get out the message of what I can offer and of course one of them is people who like what I do, sharing that information and my details with others who might like it too. I love working in that organic way. Living my life, enjoying being here and sharing what I’ve learnt with people who want what I have to offer.

So…. if you know anyone who might like to share in some of the things I do, it would be wonderful if you could forward my newsletter to them, or a link to the blog, or to a youtube video. the best recommendations are always personal and I know anyone that comes through any of you will be my ideal clients:)

And of course, if there’s a course that you’re interested in and you’d like to gather a group of people, I’d love to come and share with you:) why not email me and we can talk about what’s possible:)

And meanwhile, here’s a video tapalong on listening to the messages:)

With love from Jacqui