When mum gets mad!


The school kids who kept us entertained:)

Mum at the sea

Hi Folks,

I’m just back from a week at the seaside with my mum and what an experience it was!

We had a good journey down and the next day we were on the beach followed by accident and emergency in Poole until 4 am! Mum was really ill and with such a high temperature that she was very confused. A drip and antibiotics and the holiday restarted 🙂

What came from that for me was seeing how quickly I can return to the little girl STILL!! after all this tapping, when mum gets mad! She was mad with me for dialling 111 and having to talk to the operator who said she needed A&E, so mad that she said she wasn’t going and my little girl said OK!

It took a friend looking up her symptoms on google and telling me to get her to hospital to bring me out of that scared powerless place and into the adult who did what needed doing and of course when I was in that adult, resourced space, mum responded differently. It never ceases to amaze me that it only needs one person in a relationship to do things differently, for things to be different. It gave me the ability to stay detached from the old stuff for the rest of the holiday and to find humorous ways to challenge old patterns.

We had a great week and got to know each other better. I could see much more clearly that what my little girl part thinks is an attack, is just mum feeling fearful and needing information to feel safe. it meant I could stay in my adult space and give her what she needed. Now we have new challenges as the doctor tries to find out what’s going on and we’ll survive it I’m sure, thank goodness for tapping and good friends:)

I wonder what old patterns are still popping up for you? Here’s a tapalong to start the process of change:)

And if you have relationship patterns you’d like to let go of, why not treat yourself to a session with me and get started? 🙂 jacqui@jacquicrooks.com

With love from Jacqu


Thankful, grateful, blessed

Hi Folks,

That’s how I’m feeling at the moment.

I’m In Slovenija To run a workshop on the Enneagram and a retreat on Making next year different.

I flew into Trieste, Italy on Saturday, to be greeted by this lovely bunch and taken to the sea for a picnic and swimming. What a great time we had:)


Next day it was the Enneagram workshop. It’s the first time I’ve run it and I think it won’t be the last. It reminded me of what a great tool it is and how important it is for us to know about ourselves and understand why we do the things we do. It gives us so much power. if you google enneagram, there’s a lot of information out there. Keep you eyes open for the Enneagram and EFT workshop I’m planning for later in the year in the UK:)

The weather here is interesting! it’s been 32 degrees and humid. my worst nightmare and what a relief to discover that all the tapping I’ve done on the panic that heat and humidity creates in me seems to have paid off! Yesterday I spent the day in Ljubljana moving from cafe to cafe, in the shade, relishing the breeze along the river and eating wild strawberries.


Today I came to Lake Bled, with Pika, who is the main EFT trainer in  Slovenija and who arranges the retreat for me and we ambled along the lanes and up the hills picking wild strawberries and looking at the wild flowers.


I got to Bled in time to swim before a storm appeared and I got wet and much cooler!! That’s what happens when you try to influence the weather:) I’d been asking for it to be cooler for the retreat, no more than 27 degrees and preferably 24, so being out in the afternoon would be bearable. it seems we’re on the way to doing that. It was forecasting 31 and 32 for the retreat and now we’re down to 28 and 29. it’s amazing what we get when we ask:) And thanks to my dad who always seems to help out with the weather:)

I’m in a lovely room overlooking the lake and the castle and I have a balcony and air-conditioning!!! Phew, what a relief.



I’m finishing writing this a day later. I’ve hired a bike this morning and cycled round the lake and swum in 2 different places. It was so lovely, in the beautifully clear water, smelling the linden blossom and the pines. That’s when I realised that a part of me didn’t think it was real, it thought I was faking it and not being truthful when I was sharing it with you! It’s obviously still working on old information and beliefs, the “things like this can’t happen to me,” kind of thing. Some tapping needed I think:)

I wonder if there’s any area of your life that’s changed for the better, that part of you hasn’t caught up with yet? If so, just giving it new information while you tap will probably be enough to bring it up to date.

Looking forward to the retreat and seeing old and new friends while we find ways to make next year different, (in a good way!!!)

I do love running these retreats. 4 days gives us such space and time to go really deep and then prepare ourselves for going out into the world again. The group bonds in such a lovely way and friendships are created and maintained for years, creating a support network for people.

It’s all good and I truly do feel thankful, grateful and blessed, for the people, especially Pika and for the opportunities I have.

If you’re not managing to create the life you want, Have a think what beliefs might be holding you back.

if you think tapping with me would be helpful, I’ll be back at the end of July, after various junketings:) You could mail me to book an appointment, jacqui@jacquicrooks.com

And of course you could join me for the EFT Masterclasses live, which start on 12/9/15.

Whatever you’re up to have a wonderful summer and remember, more is possible than you’ve ever dreamed of:)

With love from Jacqui

kiss small


I’m just flipping doing it!!



What I’ve been doing while I procrastinated:) 

Hi Folks,

Well I’ve finally got back to blogging and newslettering. They say that you teach what you need to learn and procrastination has always been one of the things I teach and learn about!

A little while ago, I decided to dedicate Mondays to blogging and newslettering and it worked really well and I enjoyed doing them. I would think about them over the weekend and it felt great to sit down and write them first thing on Monday.

And then came my time in the States, where I didn’t keep Mondays for work and I got home on a Tuesday, to 3 weeks worth of emails and spam, so I put my energy into dealing with that.

And then as I’d not stuck to my Mondays, it was easier to say, oh, I’ll do it later in the week, and then, ….well no one seemed to mind that I didn’t do it last week, so maybe it won’t matter if I leave it to next week!! And so it went on.

The amount of energy I expended thinking about doing it and telling myself off because I wasn’t doing it could have written the blog and the newsletter multiple times! It was such an old pattern and I really don’t know…yet….why it reemerged, but I’d like to thank Sylvia, who told me about her new strategy, JFDI! It stands for just flipping, (or you can add your own version:) ) do it and so I am! Instead of thinking well I haven’t got long, and maybe I’ll wait till I have more time, and it’ll be better when I’m more clear about what I want to share, I’m JFDI and it feels good!!

I’ve written this in 10 minutes, which part of me thought I needed half a day?

And rather than set up my office to record the tapalong, I’ve done it right now in the conservatory and it’s done the blog’s done and I can send it out!! How cool is that? It’s always so much easier than we think it is!!

So happy tapping and enjoy JFDI and why not email me to tell me what happened for you?

And there’s more! I wrote this on Friday and then didn’t send it. I kept looking at it and it still didn’t go, so some thinking and tapping later I had a realisation.

Some of you will have heard me talk about the enneagram, a personality type system that I find really helpful. there are 9 types and I’m a 9. I’m a peacemaker and a peacemakers biggest problem is procrastination. When I’m in fear mode I go to 6 and when I’m feeling good I go to 3 which is the achiever. I realised that I’d been trying to make a decision about something that would affect other people as well as me and the 6 part of me was screaming, No!!! Don’t do it!!! Very loudly. The 3 part of me was shouting JFDI and so my peacemaking part, who likes everyone to be happy was frozen in the middle, because she couldn’t help both parts get what they want and I realised for a 9, that is probably the cause of the procrastination! I love it when I get insights:) A good bit of tapping later, and I’m ready to post, though I lost the additions once already. I guess the 6 part was winning then:)

And the reason the enneagram came to mind? My upcoming workshop and retreat in beautiful Slovenija. If you haven’t booked, there’s still time and I can guarantee you’ll fall in love with the place and the people and you’ll set yourself up for big changes:)

With love from Jacqui

The beginning of the new series of EFT Masterclasses, leading to the EFT Expert qualification.
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