Someone’s eaten my Violets! And Grow your own business workshop


Hi Folks,

Springs sprung here in the UK. It’s a beautiful day and before I started to work outside I had a meander round the garden. I was surprised that the violets hadn’t appeared yet, so I got right down to see if I could find any flowers and what I found were the remains of flowers! Someone’s been snacking on them. I have no idea who, though I wonder if it’s the same someone who grazed my Brazen Hussy celandines to the ground, leaves, flowers and all.

There are always compensations though. I’m watching pairs of newts swimming in the pond and I have bees hovering around me, Maybe they think I’m a flower.)

It’s such a lovely day. I had decided to go for a walk and then work in a café and then I allowed myself to decide to stay in the garden and enjoy it while the weathers fine. I’ve recently been doing a lot of work on my need to do what I’ve said I’ll do, whether it makes sense or not!

I think it probably goes back to childhood and having to say where I was going when I went out, and maybe to dad wanting to make sure that I didn’t let anyone down and that I kept my word. All good things in their place, but with the understanding of a child I’ve obviously created my own rules about it and I’ve been sticking to them come hell or high water!

I noticed just how often I was doing things that I no longer wanted to do, because I’d said I would. These are not things that affect anyone else you understand, I’m not talking about letting people down. Things like I’d decided to go for a walk in a particular place and then I thought of somewhere I’d prefer to walk and still went to the first place because I’d said, (to myself!!) that I would. Last week I’d signed up for a walking network which I was looking forward to. I woke up with a streaming cold and still got out of bed at a ridiculous time and set off. I tapped on the way and realised that it was ok not to go. No one would be hurt, no one would judge me, this was my stuff and I could deal with it! I went back to bed:)

It appears to be a small thing, but it impacts on all sorts of areas in my life and definitely disempowers me. It means that I don’t listen to myself, I over ride what I’m feeling and that’s not helpful.

We all have things like this going on for us. Decisions that we made when we were too young to have the understanding or the information we needed, so I thought I’d create      a tapalong to release the rules that we created for ourselves that are no longer for our highest good.

Some of those rules and decisions we made can be affecting our life and our businesses.

If you’re finding that you’re not being as successful as you’d like to be in any area of your life, there’s always a reason that feels good to part of you.

I’m running a one day workshop on 20th April

Grow your own business

And if you’re ready to free yourself form the limitations you’ve created, or others have helped you to create, I’d love you to join me.

If you always find yourself short of money or clients,

If you attract new clients and old ones leave,

If you attract money and then an unexpected bill arrives,

If you always earn so much and no more, however hard you work, i

If you’re wanting to make changes in the business and you don’t know how and you have no clarity,

There is always a good reason for it and in this workshop we’ll explore why.

We’ll clear all the old ancestral and family beliefs that you’ve inheritd.

Then we’ll explore what’s going on for you and clear it so that you leave feeling clearer and inspired to do things differently.

If you’re ready to move life to another level, please come and join me. We’ll have a lot of fun while we clear the unwanted “stuff” away.

With love from