Being kind to yourself:)



Hi Folks,

I hope you’re enjoying spring:) It’s beautiful here right now, everything is so green and growing and the garden’s looking wonderful. Lots of red and blackcurrants on the way. I wonder if I’ll get them before the birds this time:)

IMG_1512Here in Leicester, we’ve had exciting times. You may have seen that our football team have won the Premier league for the first time in history, against all the odds. I’ve had some very excited sons. I think part of the reason may be the clearing of negative energy that my friend Jean did for the stadium and the area around it, last year:) And it seems part of the reason is the way the manager deals with them. He’s so supportive and if things go wrong, he acknowledges it and they learn and move on. Just what we tell our clients to do:)


Do you remember to do that for yourself? How different would your life be if you could accept, as David Hamilton says, “you can only do it right.” So you learn from the things that happen and then move on. When we get into trouble with ourselves it’s usually because we’re not moving on. We’re holding on to the “stuff” that caused a problem for us and we’re making it mean someone’s at fault, either ourselves, or someone else.

I’ve been really good at doing that in the past and I’m mostly doing it differently now I’m glad to say:)

Here’s a tapalong on being kind to yourself, allowing yourself to me the authentic you.

I’m just back from Slovenija where I had a lovely time again. The one day workshop on IMG_4589Money programs went well and the 4 day Bled retreat was lovely, with a great group who were so ready to move forward. It was a joy to work with them.

We even managed to change the weather. It was forecast to rain heavily for the whole of the retreat, and we managed to persuade it to only rain for 1 afternoon! Ljubliana had the whole 4 days of heavy rain! It’s amazing what you can do with intention. When you’re really clear what you want and all parts of you are in agreement, the universe moves things around to support you.

If you’re not finding it easy to be kind to yourself, or you’re not manifesting your life in the way that you’d like it to be, there are always things you can do about it.

When you can see it as just information, letting you know that you’re not completely in alignment, that some part or parts of you are scared, then you can use your tapping tools to reassure the scared parts and get yourself back to your authentic self. That’s where you’re safest, that’s when life becomes a joy.

If you need a helping hand with any of that, why not email me and set up a session? Working with yourself is great and sometimes, working with someone else, an observer, can speed things up for you. It’s what I do when I have something big I want to clear. It’s not cheating, as I used to think, it’s a valuable way of taking care of yourself:)

whatever you’re up to, have a happy Spring and may you use the energy of growth to grow yourself into more of who you are than you’ve been before:)

With love from Jacqui