Put the big rocks in first!


Hi Folks,

I hope you’re enjoying the wonderful summer? Here in the UK, we’ve actually been having a summer after so many months of grey and wet. It’s been wonderful spending so much time out in the garden, swimming in lakes and the sea.

Yesterday was especially beautiful, warm, without humidity and I could feel my spirit was so uplifted, until I remembered all the work I’d planned to do that day! I was going to write the blog, try out facebook live streaming, look at my book and yet what I really wanted to do was to lie on the swing under an umbrella and watch the world go by.

Eventually after doing nothing and not enjoying it because of the “shoulds,” I decided to gift myself the day to enjoy as it felt good to me.

So I lay on the swing, with the bees buzzing above my head in the flowers. I listened to the trickling of the fountain, the sound of the buzzards circling over head. I got up and watched the bees in the lavender, it seems bumble bees like lavender and knapweed and honey bees prefer geranium and codlins and cream, who knew? I certainly didn’t until I gave myself time to watch the small things going on around me. So many butterflies, peacocks, tortoiseshells, a red admiral and of course so many whites. I even saw a speckled wood for the first time:)

It was such a satisfying afternoon, topped off with a lovely client session and a swim in the nearby lake.

The extra reward was waking up today with rain hammering down. If I’d put off that gentle time, I’d have missed it.

How many times do you do that? Put off the things that you really want to do, that light you up, until you’ve done the mundane, boring things?

We were talking about work life balance in network a couple of days ago and I was reminded of this story.

A business coach was working with a client on work life balance.

He had a jar on his desk and water and a pile of sand and gravel and some rocks, then he got the client to fill the jar with the water.  “can you get any of the sand, gravel or rocks in now?” he asked. As soon as the client tried, the jar overflowed and everything got very messy:)

He put another large jar on the table and asked if he could fill it with the rocks that were on the table. The client filled the jar to the top with the rocks and when the coach said is the jar full now, the client said yes.

The coach then pointed to a pile of gravel, do you think you could get any of that in the jar? And of course he could, because the small stones fitted around the big rocks and filled the spaces.

Is the jar full now? Of course!

The coach pointed to a pile of sand, could you fit any of that in? And he could, the small specks of sand filled any tiny left over spaces.

The client smiled and said finally, it’s full. Then the coach poured in the water to fill it to the brim.

These things represent your life. The rocks are the things that are really important to you, your family, friends, health. The other things are those that are less important. You can see that if you want to fit into your life the things that are the most important, you have to start with them, then you add other things in order of importance and you find it all fits in. When you fill your life with the unimportant “busy “ stuff, there’s no room for what really matters. Put that play day in the diary now!!:)

I’ll be doing some facebook live sessions shortly and I’d love to know if you have any questions you’d like me to answer. I’ll send out a reminder of times on the newsletter and if you come up with something you’d like me to talk about, or answer questions on, please email me at mailto:Jacqui@jacquicrooks.com and I’ll look forward to saying hi to you then:)

Meanwhile, enjoy the summer, whatever the weather and be kind to yourself, do the things that make you feel good first, then you’ll be in a better place to do the rest:)

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With love from