Tell me the old, old, story and cherry picking:)


Hi Folks,

I’m back home now and suddenly I’ve found myself back in the middle of an old story I thought I’d let go of, after much tapping, several years ago! How many times have we done that I wonder:)

I found myself repeating it endlessly, to myself and anyone else who would listen. I’d rehearse it, look for justifications for it, generally wallow in it and even the part that usually tells me off for doing that was silent. I actually found a family member who acknowledged it and that really gave me joy. See I was right!!! It did happen like that!! It’s wasn’t fair!!

And where did all of that get me? In a very uncomfortable place, feeling feelings that weren’t appropriate for my life now, disconnecting me from people I’d prefer to be connected too and actually disempowered.

I’d chosen to step back into the role of victim and as we all know, that keeps us small and stuck. It’s impossible to live your life openly and joyously and to express who you are in the world, in all your multicoloured glory, when you’re curled up in a ball as a victim:)

It took some tapping, and some emotion code and support from friends, (thank you:)  ) before I could see what I was doing and that it wasn’t where I wanted to be, or who I wanted to be.

It feels great now, as though I can breathe more deeply, move more freely and really connect to the world and the people in it. I’m me and they are who they are and it’s all perfect. We’re all doing a great job in the best way we know how and that’s OK:)

So I created a tapalong on telling the old, old story, and if you resonate with this, it’s for you:)

If you’d like to edit your story, or even write a new one and you’d like my support, you can

Book a one to one session with me

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And the cherries are from my tree. It’s not the picking that takes the time, it’s the stoning and while I was doing that, there was time to think, which gave me insights on what to tap on.

I wonder how you give yourself time to think and connect with yourself? I’d love to know:)

With love from Jacqui


What’s the similarity between Noseeums and limiting beliefs?

You don’t see them, you don’t feel them and you definitely know when they’ve been doing their thing!!


Fresh from camping in the Adirondacks, where the first sign I had been bitten was blood dripping down my face, I was thinking how amazing it was that I hadn’t felt a thing. And then I started to think about limiting beliefs. They work in just the same way.  Mostly you don’t know they’re there and you don’t know that they’re working, until you see the results. You may not get blood dripping, but the results can be just as dramatic. If you want to know what your limiting beliefs are, just look at what you’re not happy about in your life. What must you be believing to have created that? How could you clear the early roots of those beliefs? What would you like instead?

Years ago, when I was first working for myself, I had a couple of months with a lot of clients and I was making good money. Afterwards, when I thought about it, I remembered saying to myself, this is too good to last. And guess what, it was! I managed to get all my clients to cancel and the phone stopped ringing for 2 whole weeks, until I’d tapped out all those old limiting beliefs. I did it twice before I got them all!!

Of course I still find old beliefs popping up, but theses days I don’t beat myself up in the same way, I know it’s just a belief and I can do something about it. Isn’t it great not to feel so much a victim as we did before we found tapping?

Still, I did find it hard to deal with the “I’m being attacked,” belief started by all the bugs in the camp and in Vermont. I get really interesting allergic reactions to mosquito bites, (and they really do love me!) I know that I “should” be able to do something about it, I have on 2 occasions before, but this time it was overload and I just wallowed for a while:) And that’s OK! I’m allowed!! And I had a great time in spite of it:) I was with interesting people and I IMG_3555kayaked and canoed and one day, while I was swimming in the lake, I turned round and there was a loon swimming with me!! They’d been serenading us each night and I’d wanted to see one and there it was, no more than 6 feet from me, looking at me. I felt so privileged and as though I’d been a really good manifestor.

Then I spent a weekend with the lovely Carol Bemmels,IMG_1339 poet extraordinaire and a great group of tappers, in Vermont, followed by a night hosted by Jade Barbee, part of the AAMET training team. I’m back in Nyack now, preparing for the workshop, Looking forward – Creating the life you want to lead, on Saturday. What a lucky bunny I am:) And it does show what we can manifest as we clear those limiting IMG_1338beliefs. Ten years ago I decided I wanted to create a business that would allow me to travel and to work wherever I am in the world. I did it, much more easily and sooner than I expected and for the last 10 years I’ve presented at conferences and Masterclasses and run workshops worldwide.

That might not be what lights your fire and I wonder what does? What would you like in your life? What would you like to be doing. Where would you like to be? Who would you like to be with? What stops you attracting that right now? What are you saying to yourself? That’s a great place to start tapping?

If you’d like help to clear your beliefs, you could book a session with me, or even better, join me on my EFT Expert training, Masterclass program, where you’ll get to learn all the techniques that I use with my clients, while you clear your own stuff.

It will be a small intimate group in my home, so that you get the most from it and you will definitely be in a different space by the end:)

I love teaching these techniques, most of which are not taught anywhere else. If you want to stand out and to be the best practitioner you can be, please come and join me in September. If you have no previous experience of EFT, there is an Introduction to EFT day, the day before the program starts.

The tapalong this week will be in the newsletter, if you’d like to receive it, the link is on this page

I hope to see you soon:)

With love,



When mum gets mad!


The school kids who kept us entertained:)

Mum at the sea

Hi Folks,

I’m just back from a week at the seaside with my mum and what an experience it was!

We had a good journey down and the next day we were on the beach followed by accident and emergency in Poole until 4 am! Mum was really ill and with such a high temperature that she was very confused. A drip and antibiotics and the holiday restarted :)

What came from that for me was seeing how quickly I can return to the little girl STILL!! after all this tapping, when mum gets mad! She was mad with me for dialling 111 and having to talk to the operator who said she needed A&E, so mad that she said she wasn’t going and my little girl said OK!

It took a friend looking up her symptoms on google and telling me to get her to hospital to bring me out of that scared powerless place and into the adult who did what needed doing and of course when I was in that adult, resourced space, mum responded differently. It never ceases to amaze me that it only needs one person in a relationship to do things differently, for things to be different. It gave me the ability to stay detached from the old stuff for the rest of the holiday and to find humorous ways to challenge old patterns.

We had a great week and got to know each other better. I could see much more clearly that what my little girl part thinks is an attack, is just mum feeling fearful and needing information to feel safe. it meant I could stay in my adult space and give her what she needed. Now we have new challenges as the doctor tries to find out what’s going on and we’ll survive it I’m sure, thank goodness for tapping and good friends:)

I wonder what old patterns are still popping up for you? Here’s a tapalong to start the process of change:)

And if you have relationship patterns you’d like to let go of, why not treat yourself to a session with me and get started? :)

With love from Jacqu


Thankful, grateful, blessed

Hi Folks,

That’s how I’m feeling at the moment.

I’m In Slovenija To run a workshop on the Enneagram and a retreat on Making next year different.

I flew into Trieste, Italy on Saturday, to be greeted by this lovely bunch and taken to the sea for a picnic and swimming. What a great time we had:)


Next day it was the Enneagram workshop. It’s the first time I’ve run it and I think it won’t be the last. It reminded me of what a great tool it is and how important it is for us to know about ourselves and understand why we do the things we do. It gives us so much power. if you google enneagram, there’s a lot of information out there. Keep you eyes open for the Enneagram and EFT workshop I’m planning for later in the year in the UK:)

The weather here is interesting! it’s been 32 degrees and humid. my worst nightmare and what a relief to discover that all the tapping I’ve done on the panic that heat and humidity creates in me seems to have paid off! Yesterday I spent the day in Ljubljana moving from cafe to cafe, in the shade, relishing the breeze along the river and eating wild strawberries.


Today I came to Lake Bled, with Pika, who is the main EFT trainer in  Slovenija and who arranges the retreat for me and we ambled along the lanes and up the hills picking wild strawberries and looking at the wild flowers.


I got to Bled in time to swim before a storm appeared and I got wet and much cooler!! That’s what happens when you try to influence the weather:) I’d been asking for it to be cooler for the retreat, no more than 27 degrees and preferably 24, so being out in the afternoon would be bearable. it seems we’re on the way to doing that. It was forecasting 31 and 32 for the retreat and now we’re down to 28 and 29. it’s amazing what we get when we ask:) And thanks to my dad who always seems to help out with the weather:)

I’m in a lovely room overlooking the lake and the castle and I have a balcony and air-conditioning!!! Phew, what a relief.



I’m finishing writing this a day later. I’ve hired a bike this morning and cycled round the lake and swum in 2 different places. It was so lovely, in the beautifully clear water, smelling the linden blossom and the pines. That’s when I realised that a part of me didn’t think it was real, it thought I was faking it and not being truthful when I was sharing it with you! It’s obviously still working on old information and beliefs, the “things like this can’t happen to me,” kind of thing. Some tapping needed I think:)

I wonder if there’s any area of your life that’s changed for the better, that part of you hasn’t caught up with yet? If so, just giving it new information while you tap will probably be enough to bring it up to date.

Looking forward to the retreat and seeing old and new friends while we find ways to make next year different, (in a good way!!!)

I do love running these retreats. 4 days gives us such space and time to go really deep and then prepare ourselves for going out into the world again. The group bonds in such a lovely way and friendships are created and maintained for years, creating a support network for people.

It’s all good and I truly do feel thankful, grateful and blessed, for the people, especially Pika and for the opportunities I have.

If you’re not managing to create the life you want, Have a think what beliefs might be holding you back.

if you think tapping with me would be helpful, I’ll be back at the end of July, after various junketings:) You could mail me to book an appointment,

And of course you could join me for the EFT Masterclasses live, which start on 12/9/15.

Whatever you’re up to have a wonderful summer and remember, more is possible than you’ve ever dreamed of:)

With love from Jacqui

kiss small


I’m just flipping doing it!!



What I’ve been doing while I procrastinated:) 

Hi Folks,

Well I’ve finally got back to blogging and newslettering. They say that you teach what you need to learn and procrastination has always been one of the things I teach and learn about!

A little while ago, I decided to dedicate Mondays to blogging and newslettering and it worked really well and I enjoyed doing them. I would think about them over the weekend and it felt great to sit down and write them first thing on Monday.

And then came my time in the States, where I didn’t keep Mondays for work and I got home on a Tuesday, to 3 weeks worth of emails and spam, so I put my energy into dealing with that.

And then as I’d not stuck to my Mondays, it was easier to say, oh, I’ll do it later in the week, and then, ….well no one seemed to mind that I didn’t do it last week, so maybe it won’t matter if I leave it to next week!! And so it went on.

The amount of energy I expended thinking about doing it and telling myself off because I wasn’t doing it could have written the blog and the newsletter multiple times! It was such an old pattern and I really don’t know…yet….why it reemerged, but I’d like to thank Sylvia, who told me about her new strategy, JFDI! It stands for just flipping, (or you can add your own version:) ) do it and so I am! Instead of thinking well I haven’t got long, and maybe I’ll wait till I have more time, and it’ll be better when I’m more clear about what I want to share, I’m JFDI and it feels good!!

I’ve written this in 10 minutes, which part of me thought I needed half a day?

And rather than set up my office to record the tapalong, I’ve done it right now in the conservatory and it’s done the blog’s done and I can send it out!! How cool is that? It’s always so much easier than we think it is!!

So happy tapping and enjoy JFDI and why not email me to tell me what happened for you?

And there’s more! I wrote this on Friday and then didn’t send it. I kept looking at it and it still didn’t go, so some thinking and tapping later I had a realisation.

Some of you will have heard me talk about the enneagram, a personality type system that I find really helpful. there are 9 types and I’m a 9. I’m a peacemaker and a peacemakers biggest problem is procrastination. When I’m in fear mode I go to 6 and when I’m feeling good I go to 3 which is the achiever. I realised that I’d been trying to make a decision about something that would affect other people as well as me and the 6 part of me was screaming, No!!! Don’t do it!!! Very loudly. The 3 part of me was shouting JFDI and so my peacemaking part, who likes everyone to be happy was frozen in the middle, because she couldn’t help both parts get what they want and I realised for a 9, that is probably the cause of the procrastination! I love it when I get insights:) A good bit of tapping later, and I’m ready to post, though I lost the additions once already. I guess the 6 part was winning then:)

And the reason the enneagram came to mind? My upcoming workshop and retreat in beautiful Slovenija. If you haven’t booked, there’s still time and I can guarantee you’ll fall in love with the place and the people and you’ll set yourself up for big changes:)

With love from Jacqui

The beginning of the new series of EFT Masterclasses, leading to the EFT Expert qualification.
And of course, if you’d like to clear anything that is in the way of manifesting what you want for yourself, you can book a session with me

Gathering lilacs with Gran


Hi Folks,

How amazing! I was having a session with my colleague when she heard the song “I’ll gather lilacs in the spring again.” I said that’s my Grans favourite song and then she was there, giving me the message that it was important that I started to trust myself with money! it took me straight back to childhood holidays when the money that Papa gave me that I was forced to save for holidays, was given back to me. I was so resentful at having to save it!! And when I finally got it what I did with it was supervised. I remembered so clearly being told I couldn’t spend it all now, “When it’s gone, it’s gone!” “You’ll be sorry later on if you spend it now.” and so many other instructions and limiting beliefs. And what I realised I had done from that was created a belief that money only goes out until it’s gone. It never comes back in. It matches perfectly with what I’ve worked on in the past, only seeing money leaving, never noticing it arriving, even though it has to arrive in order to leave again!

As you’ll know if you’ve been following the blog, I’ve done a lot of work around Money, preparing for the Money Programs, and it was so great to get this extra insight and so clearly. It’s a perfect example of how we work with EFT. We clear the stuff that we can see and that is available and then we carry on with life, ready to notice the next layer that wasn’t available to us before. Not every message comes to us as clearly as this did, from my Gran, but if you notice the things that are going on in your life, with a sense of curiosity and “I wonder why that happened then.” you’ll find ways to access the messages that are there for you.

The reason I was in the position to receive this message was because I’ve been in what I would call a “floppy” state for a couple of weeks now. I’ve not been doing things that I thought I “should” be doing, (and of course getting mad with myself because of it, even while my rebel was going “Shan’t!”)

I went back into the “I’m not sure if I should be doing this” place. The “what am I here for and what do I want to do” space and then not giving myself time to think things through, or tune into what was really important to me. I was far to busy not doing things!

Then on Friday I took my son and his wife to Heathrow to catch the plane for their honeymoon in New Zealand. 3 hours there and 3 hours back and I was tired when I got home at 10 pm. I parked and started to unload. I was just collecting the 2nd lot of stuff when I realised that the car, with the front door wide open was going past me, fast, I’d obviously not put the handbrake on properly and for once I’d not left it in gear. I had seconds to decide what to do before the door would be torn off by the gate post. I went to close the door and then thought I might be able to get the brake on, pulled the door wider, ran around it and tried to pull the brake on but was at the wrong angle and hadn’t the power. I turned and was trapped between the car door and the gatepost. The scream woke the next door neighbours and then I had to push the car far enough to free myself and get into the car, without doing even more damage to the door. I managed it and immediately rescue remedied and arnica ed myself. The door was sprained and I was bruised, new ones appearing daily:) and I spent several days feeling very wobbly and tired.

I can recognise a message when it hits me that hard so I did something about it! I booked a session with a colleague to get some clarity on why part of me thought it was necessary to do something so dramatic. We looked at trapped, facing the wrong way and going backwards. I’d had several dreams of driving round in circles:)

There were so many great insights and lots of clearing of things from this life and from past lives. And then there was the message from my Gran!

I’m so grateful to have received that insight so clearly, along with others about giving myself time to be with myself and decide what’s important to me. I’m so happy to recognise that the rebellion I was feeling had a purpose. The way I was moving forward just wasn’t right for me, there are so many more congruent ways for me to get out the message of what I can offer and of course one of them is people who like what I do, sharing that information and my details with others who might like it too. I love working in that organic way. Living my life, enjoying being here and sharing what I’ve learnt with people who want what I have to offer.

So…. if you know anyone who might like to share in some of the things I do, it would be wonderful if you could forward my newsletter to them, or a link to the blog, or to a youtube video. the best recommendations are always personal and I know anyone that comes through any of you will be my ideal clients:)

And of course, if there’s a course that you’re interested in and you’d like to gather a group of people, I’d love to come and share with you:) why not email me and we can talk about what’s possible:)

And meanwhile, here’s a video tapalong on listening to the messages:)

With love from Jacqui


Skydiving – floating free



I got to go skydiving!!! One of the things I planned to do before I die and I got to do it:)

My son gets married next Monday and it was his girlfriends Hen weekend this week. She’d planned indoor skydiving for Sunday and of course I signed up:) I really fancy leaping from a plane and this was a good way to practice. My son sent me a video of someone tumbling all over the place, bouncing off the walls and said that would be me!! I decided that it wouldn’t and I could feel myself tensing as I determined to do it well. That’s when the light bulb dawned, the last time I made that sort of decision about something physical was windsurfing with my 16 year old son. I was so determined to stay upright that I was so tense i spent the whole time falling in, climbing back on the board and falling in again, while Alex sailed easily from one side of the lake to another.

This time I realised that relaxing was the key, being myself, and allowing the wind in the tunnel to do what it was designed to do, support me. Sound familiar? it felt like the perfect metaphor for living life, being ourselves, relaxing and allowing the universe to do what it’s designed to do, support us.

Armed with that thought I just let myself be. I did what I was told, trusted and floated beautifully. It was fantastic and the guy said he was amazed at how well I did, he rarely supported me on my second flight. (Until he grabbed me, whirled me round and spun me to the top of the tunnel and back, that is:) it was like the best sort of fairground ride and I can’t wait till I can do that myself:) )

It was fun doing it and being part of the group and best of all, it reminded me that life flows more easily when you allow it to support you. That it’s natural for that to happen and that all we need to do, is relax and allow ourselves to be supported.

So if you’re finding yourself in a difficult place at the moment, struggling to sort things out and it’s not happening, how would it be to stop the struggle, just for a moment? To take a breath, step back and ask the universe to support you and allow yourself to believe it might be possible. If you released the dreaded how’s and just decided it would happen, I think you’d be amazed at how things fall into place. I know at the most difficult times in my life, when there’s been no way out but trusting, huge changes happened, so fast.

And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could allow ourselves to do the trusting first, without having to hit rock bottom? I think that’s my intention for this week and here’s the “wouldn’t it be wonderful game for you to join in with. I’ll start you off and then you can join me with the things that are important to you.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could remember that the universe supports me?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could trust it to do what it’s designed to do?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could recognise that my struggles are what throw me off course?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if if I allowed myself to be in the flow rather than sink to rock bottom before I have the energy to come up again?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I recognised that was just an old pattern and probably not even mine in the first place and that it doesn’t fit with who I am now and what the world is in 2015?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could allow myself to fly and feel the universe lifting me up and know that I’m safe…. because that’s the truth, whether I believe it or not:) and I’m open to the possibility I can make it My truth and live my life differently.

And so it is …..

And if you’d like help in regaining your trust, contact me for a blockbuster session.

If you’d like to allow money to flow freely in your life join me on the Creating new Money programs webinar, only 5 places left at the discounted price.

And if you’d like your EFT to flow freely, why not join my on my Masterclass, Language for change.

I look forward to working with you:)

With love from Jacqu


Hug a tree and get life into perspective


Connecting with trees is a great way to put life in perspective, many of them were here before we were born and will be here long after we leave and for me it reminds me that what worries me today has no place in the bigger picture. Life goes on and all will be well.

I had a great walk yesterday, through a nearby country park which is famed for it’s very old oak trees. legend has it that the tops were lopped off when Lady Jane Grey was beheaded, so that makes them at least 500 years old.

It was freezing with an icy wind blowing, though the sun was warming the trees. I leant against an ancient one and could feel the warmth of the bark and the aliveness of it and it felt very good. My grandparents came here when they were courting, my father came when he was young. I came with my family as a child, catching 2 buses and carrying a picnic basket. We climbed trees and rocks and paddled in the stream and so did my boys when they were young. There’s such a sense of continuity and it feels so good knowing that whatever people were worrying about then, is past and over and soon our worries will be the same.

When we’re deep in our “stuff” sometimes we don’t want to get out of it, we don’t want to see the bigger picture and that’s OK. Sometimes wallowing is what we need to do and we can do that because a part of us always knows that it’s temporary, that everything changes and that it all works out OK in the end, whatever it looks like on the outside. Thank goodness for EFT and our other tools, because we know, when we’ve had enough wallowing we can do something about it!

I know one of my old survival strategies was imagining the absolute worst that could happen and how I’d deal with it, and then knowing that, I could let go and move forward. Knowing about the Law of Attraction, that no longer seems such a great strategy, though it still sneaks in from time to time:) These days I remind myself to focus on what I DO want, rather than what I don’t and I’m gentle with myself when I forget. I think its a bit like training a puppy, you just have to keep reminding yourself when you forget, without making it personal.

What strategies do you use? Do they work for you? I’d love to hear about them. Would life be easier with new ones?

If you’d like to explore new possibilities, why not book a blockbuster session and have a clear out of the old.

And you might like to check out this video from Nick Ortner of the Tapping solution. the 7th World Tapping Summit is coming soon and there will be some great free tapping available for you then and a series of videos even before it’s launched.

Whatever you do, have fun and stay warm:)

Heres’s a tapalong on putting things into prospective:)

With love from Jacqui



Just say YES!


Hi Folks,

What I learnt from doing the EFT Founding Masters program was Just say yes! work out the hows later:)

I’ve been to visit my favourite place this weekend, Yorkshire, known to it’s inhabitants as Gods own country and I know why. It’s so beautiful, hills and moorland, big skies, small dales, tumbling streams. It feels like home to me and I’m drawn there several times a year. My mother family come from that area, so although we didn’t visit much as a child, maybe there’s something ancestral that came down to me from there. I can feel myself relax at a certain point of the journey, I’m home and safe:) I was thinking on the journey about the hills and how much I love them. whether I’m on them looking down, or below them looking up, they inspire and support me. I’ve always understood the quote, “I look to the hills, from whence cometh my help.”

It reminded me of the time I took the EFT Masters program with Gary Craig and Ann Adams. I saw it advertised and I knew it was for me. For the 1st time in my life I had no doubts about my ability to do it and I signed up. I had no idea what was involved but I knew I had to say yes and worry about it later….and I did! It was the hardest thing I’d done in my entire life and probably the most satisfying. The application alone took weeks. We had to answer questions that required a lot of thought, (no multi choices here!). then they went through our websites and our business cards and stationery. they looked at anything we had on the web, anywhere. we had to get references from trainers, colleagues, clients.

When we were accepted, (they only accepted 2/3rds of British applicants and 1/3 of Americans) we then had to do a demonstration in from of Ann and Gary and our colleagues and an invited audience and be questioned about what we did and why we did it, afterwards.

Following that, we had a year to complete the exam which entailed answering questions about our demonstration and what we could have done differently and then 16 essay type questions! As I said, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and the most rewarding as I found out so much about myself and my way of using EFT by going through it!

When I finally heard I’d passed and was an EFT master, I ran to my local hill, “My” space, and I thanked the universe and all who’d been part of it. I felt as though I would burst with the gratitude I was feeling and I remember I saw a plane in the sky and told the universe that I was accepting the challenge to get EFT out worldwide and you probably know the rest of the story!

What came to me, rethinking that time, is how powerful saying yes is and how, once you do, the whole universe moves round to support you. It also confirmed the power of the Law of Attraction. If you are 100% convinced, you can’t do anything but attract what you want. I was so certain that day that my job was to travel and take EFT around the world that every part of me was in alignment and I attracted what I needed to achieve that. So… the next time someone invites you to do something try saying yes and see what help you attract…you might be surprised:)

Here’s a tapalong on saying YES

Full of the joys of Spring!

IMG_2376 IMG_2377P1020765

What a wonderful world!

Isn’t it amazing how great you feel when the sun comes out after hiding behind the black storm clouds? And it always does!

Even when it’s hidden, part of you knows it’s there and it’s only a matter of time before it’s out and shining on you again, with all it’s warmth and comfort.

Being ill since the new year was so interesting. It took me to all sorts of places and gave me so many opportunities to have a clear out of old, longstanding patterns that no longer work for me. Even as I wallowed, part of me knew it wouldn’t last, it was an opportunity and soon things would be different. It never ceases to amaze me how if I’m in a wallow place I can’t imagine being anywhere else and if I’m in a good feeling place I can’t imagine being anywhere else! And all the time a part of me knows both are just part of life’s rich pattern :)

I’m well again now and full of energy and inspiration after the clear out of the old and so things are flowing beautifully in my life.

The Money program last Thursday was great. So much good stuff to work on and I’m looking forward to seeing where people are, after the program finishes.

Then I held the first of my Masterclass Live workshops on Saturday and I remembered how much I love workshops where you have time to connect with people on a deep level and people can have the time to immerse themselves into the learning and have time to practise and feel confident. The next one is Using language for change, (including reframing) on the 22nd Feb

It was a great group, (I love how I attract such lovely people to my workshops:) ) we have a wonderful time and it was so satisfying being able to share what I know works, to let go of the outdated ways of working and see people taking their practice to a new, deep level. The work the people on the workshop with each other was astonishing. they got to such deep levels of healing. they felt amazed at what they had achieved and I had the satisfaction of knowing that they’ll use what they learnt to benefit their clients.                         Here’s what they said afterwards.

“Thanks again for the magical day yesterday, I was so excited to be sharing such powerful energy.”

Many thanks for yesterday. I was still inspired this morning so carried on from where I left off yesterday…and did some more shifting!”

Yesterday I went for a walk for the first time since the new year and although it was frosty, it was sunny and you could feel things growing in the earth. you could smell it. I get so excited at this time of the year, spring’s on it’s way, the earth is renewing itself and we can do the same. I feel as though I’ve had my spring clean and now I’m ready for the off:)

This year will be really interesting for me, as I am creating everything that I am doing, from scratch. It feels like I’m starting again and I’ve moved out of the scary space, into the place of possibilities. I’m sure that there will be so many new, wonderful opportunities coming my way this year and if you’d like to be part of it, why not think if there’s something you would like do, collect a group of friends and invite me to create a workshop for you:) I can create one on anything you want. It could be teaching advanced EFT skills, it could be creating abundance, releasing overwhelm, creating powerful goals. anything is possible, if you think it is :)  I love travel, so anywhere is possible and I’m setting the intention that I get to meet even more lovely people in even more lovely places over this year.

I’d love to hear what your intentions are, why not let me know

With love from Jacqui