Grabbing life with both hands

Life’s just a bowl of cherries!


I borrowed that title from Annabel Fisher, a lovely EFTer who after 3 years treatment for recurring cancer has decided to stop treatment and grab life with both hands, for the time she has left. She’s such an inspiration.

Wouldn’t life be extraordinary if we could allow ourselves to do that right now, rather than at the end of our life? I’ve been reminded of the importance of that, the last couple of years. First my mother and cousin died and this year, my father in law and my brother. It made me really focus on life in the moment and what’s really important to me. There are so many “shoulds” we’re brought up to believe in, so many dutiful things to do, that we often let our own dreams and desires go. We think we’ll pick them up at some time in the future, when we’ve done all the things we think we “ought” to do first. And let me tell you, no matter how many of those things you do, the list never gets any smaller. There’s always more to do, before you can get to your own stuff.

And of course, what I find for myself, is that I’m not always sure what I really want. I’ve got so used to shutting those thoughts and feelings off, putting things onto the back burner, not thinking what I might want to do/be/create, in case I get resentful, that even when I give myself space, I find myself standing there wondering what I’m supposed to do!!

Mum lived a long and full life and I know there were many things she didn’t allow herself to do, because she didn’t think it would be ok, she wasn’t sure what people would think. My brother, I’m realising now, did much more of the things he wanted, travelling, creating a business and finally, buying himself the wood that he’d wanted since a child. He had a whole year in it, with a glorious summer and I’m so happy that he did that, as it would have been so easy for him to have put it off. (Procrastination was the family game:) )

As for me, I finally allowed myself to dream and live the dream for several years and then I noticed I was slowly closing down, allowing myself to get smaller and less adventurous, to “settle” for what I thought was possible, or achievable, rather than really be my out there self. It’s been a journey, watching myself, noticing what I was doing, tapping, tapping, tapping and as always, this is a journey, not a pass and fail and I’m part way along it. I’m in a very comfortable position right now, with a house and garden that I love, ( I had no idea that would be so important to me:) ) and I’ve had a breathing space, time to balance after all the loss and change. I have no idea at the moment, what’s next and I do know, listening to myself and what makes me feel good, what lights me up, is my inner guidance system and I’m practising listening to it much more than I ever have.

This is the beginning of the rest of my life and I intend to grab it with both hands and also to know that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to rush around doing things. When I’m in the garden, watching the flowers growing, looking at the flames of the fire, watching the hedgehog, I’m present. I’m really living in the moment, living my life. Thats what I want more of, being present to what is. knowing I’m happy, in the moment, rather than remembering that I was happy, when I look back!

I invite you to take some time to tune in to what makes you happy in the moment, because those moments are all we know we have. The more we do that, the greater the sum of happiness we feel.

If you’d like some support in tuning into what’s important to you, allowing yourself to dream, I’m running a one day retreat called Manifesting – turning your dreams into reality, on 8th September. (Because we always teach what we need to learn, don’t we:) )  I’d love you to join me and lets see what we can create together:)

“Yes but’s” and “What if’s”

Following on from the last blog I promised you a follow up video on clearing all the “Yes but’s” and “What if’s.”
Whenever you clear something and the change is likely to take you out of your comfort zone, these pesky things pop up. They’re something to be celebrated, because they are the things that younger parts of you are worried about. Once you know that, you know what to tap on next:) Why not use this video to tap along with me to get you started and see what useful information those young parts of you will share with you? Even if you’ve not just done a big change, you may find some interesting “Yes but’s” and “What if’s.”popping up. Happy Tapping:)

And if you’d like to work with me to clear anything that comes up please check out my website for details:)

Lying on your back, looking at clouds is a great idea!



When did you last do that?

How do you think you would feel, watching as they change with every breath of the wind?

There’s no space to think about your to do list, no space for all your “shoulds.”

It’s time out – a breathing space. It’s so easy – you can do it any time, any where. The right clothes, and this stress buster is yours!

I spent some of last weekend watching a blizzard, feeling the snowflakes on my cheeks as the clouds tore past. It was magical 🙂

You’ll find your breathing changes, things slow down and when you get up to return to “real” life you’ll feel more relaxed, refreshed and just that little bit more connected to the “big picture.”

It’s a bit like using EFT isn’t it:)

Why not try it and let me know how you like it? It could be the start of something big 🙂

Much love and big hugs to you all:) Jacqui

Spring Cleaning!



Welcome to Spring, a time of renewal, rebirth and growth.

It’s such an exciting time, every time I go out, there’s something different blooming and something has already bloomed and faded.

It’s no co-incidence that people spring clean, the energy is all about getting rid of the old, the “stuff” we’ve been holding onto and looking forward to what we want to create, how bright and shiny we want ourselves and our lives to be.

It’s been a magnificent spring here, because we’ve had sunshine and less rain than usual, so everything has taken the chance of growing, blooming, being out in the world and then  we had a frost and the apple blossom which was so magnificent turned brown on the top.

And that’s what can sometimes happen to us too. We are in a good space, we dare to grow, to bloom, to show the world who we are and then something happens that “damages” us. That feels as though it hurts or harms us and we wonder if the growing and blooming was a mistake. Should we have protected ourselves better? Should we have stayed small and hidden, would it have been safer?

And yet, the apple tree has already shown the world it’s magnificence, it’s added to the joy. It will continue to grow, it’ll still have fruit, even if it’s less, but the blooming was worth it and how could it not have done that, it’s what it’s here for.

And it’s the same for us. We’re here to grow and bloom and share who we are with the world. To add to the joy of the world and when the knockbacks come, as they will, remember, it’s still safe to shine, to be our glorious selves and anything that tells us different is just the younger parts of us that were hurt when they were young and who chose the only way they could see, to stay safe, probably because their parents did that, and their parents, parents right back through time.

Remember it’s not what happens to us that causes us problems, it’s the meanings we make of the feelings that are created and the one thing we can really be in control of is our feelings and the meanings we give them:)

So, if life is feeling a bit difficult right now, if you weren’t carrying your own old “stuff” and your families old “stuff”, if you’d had an emotional spring clean and you were looking at your now with clean, clear, fresh eyes, how would you choose to be seeing yourself? How would you be choosing to see the situation?

And remind your self you have the right and the ability, to decide what’s the most helpful way for you to see things and yourself and you can do that. It’s not only the best gift you can give to yourself, it’s the best gift you can give the world, because you’re adding love and joy to the world, which can be borrowed by anyone who needs it. Much more useful than wallowing in all the old feelings that we’re so familiar with and still, have compassion for yourself feeling those old feelings and give yourself permission to acknowledge them and let them go, they’ve served their purpose, they got you here and you’re here now and it’s finally safe to do things differently, that’s what tapping’s for:) !!!

If you fancy a spring clean, here’s a youtube video to guide you. Happy tapping:)

And of course if you want a really good, in depth clear out, you can book a session with me, I’m an expert at spring cleaning:)

With Love from Jacqui