Hi Folks,

I hope you’re all coping with this extraordinary summer weather? Here in the UK we have had sunshine and no rain for over 2 months now. for a country that hopes for the sun every summer, in the middle of our wet and grey days, it’s extraordinary! The last time we had a summer like this was 1976. I’m torn between the desire for rain, for the garden and the farmers and the delight in sunshine and not having to carry umbrellas, jumpers and coats with us, which is our usual summer employment:) We had 1 day of rain here a couple of weeks ago and I don’t think I’m the only one that stood outside and danced in it:) There’s a part of me wondering if I manifested a proper summer as I really wanted one:)

It has, however, allowed me to manifest the time out that I’ve been wanting. The time to just be and to think and to focus on each moment and really live it. It’s been too hot to do anything. Too hot to sit at the computer, too hot to rush around and fill my days with doing, too hot even to plan and consider what I want to manifest:)

At the hottest part of the day, I’ve allowed myself to lie in the shade on my swing and doze and watch butterflies and bees. I’ve gardened in the evening or early morning and realised just how much I can achieve a small bit at a time and that when I’m not beating myself up and “shoulding” on myself, life is so much more enjoyable. I think I needed to let go of old habits and patterns to really experience what life is like without them …..and it’s good:)

I’m remembering yet again that we are powerful manifesters, and when we get clear about what we want in our lives and how we want to feel, attracting that into our lives, is easy. And of course, if it’s not easy, it just means there’s a part of us not on board with the changes we want and that’s tappable:)

The retreat in Slovenia this year was about manifesting and boy did we have fun! You’d have been amazed at the old beliefs that we were all harbouring and of course, most of those beliefs weren’t ours in the first place, they came down the family line. I’m so grateful for the group, who went into the exploration so wholeheartedly. We discovered and cleared so much in the time we were together and we could see how much things had changed and how much clearer we were about what we wanted.

It was such a profound time that I decided that I’d like to share what we did with others, so I’ve created a day retreat, Manifesting – creating the life of your dreams where we’ll be in a lovely venue, with lunch provided, as we clear all those old beliefs that that get in our way and prevent us from even being clear about what we’d like to manifest. We’ll clear all the stuff that’s come down through the family, anything we’re carrying from past lives and then we’ll get really clear about what we want to manifest in our lives and give our subconscious a guidance system to follow, to help us create the life we want to live.

I’m very excited about it as I know the possibilities that we’ll create. if you feel excited too, I’d love you to come and join us.

Meanwhile, enjoy whatever your summer (or winter) is bringing. tune into your life, take time to celebrate all those precious moments, however small and know that you are in charge, it’s your life and you have the right to create it as you’d like it to be, anything other than that, is tappable:) Happy tapping and I hope to see you soon:)

With love from Jacqui


I’m just flipping doing it!!



What I’ve been doing while I procrastinated:) 

Hi Folks,

Well I’ve finally got back to blogging and newslettering. They say that you teach what you need to learn and procrastination has always been one of the things I teach and learn about!

A little while ago, I decided to dedicate Mondays to blogging and newslettering and it worked really well and I enjoyed doing them. I would think about them over the weekend and it felt great to sit down and write them first thing on Monday.

And then came my time in the States, where I didn’t keep Mondays for work and I got home on a Tuesday, to 3 weeks worth of emails and spam, so I put my energy into dealing with that.

And then as I’d not stuck to my Mondays, it was easier to say, oh, I’ll do it later in the week, and then, ….well no one seemed to mind that I didn’t do it last week, so maybe it won’t matter if I leave it to next week!! And so it went on.

The amount of energy I expended thinking about doing it and telling myself off because I wasn’t doing it could have written the blog and the newsletter multiple times! It was such an old pattern and I really don’t know…yet….why it reemerged, but I’d like to thank Sylvia, who told me about her new strategy, JFDI! It stands for just flipping, (or you can add your own version:) ) do it and so I am! Instead of thinking well I haven’t got long, and maybe I’ll wait till I have more time, and it’ll be better when I’m more clear about what I want to share, I’m JFDI and it feels good!!

I’ve written this in 10 minutes, which part of me thought I needed half a day?

And rather than set up my office to record the tapalong, I’ve done it right now in the conservatory and it’s done the blog’s done and I can send it out!! How cool is that? It’s always so much easier than we think it is!!

So happy tapping and enjoy JFDI and why not email me to tell me what happened for you?

And there’s more! I wrote this on Friday and then didn’t send it. I kept looking at it and it still didn’t go, so some thinking and tapping later I had a realisation.

Some of you will have heard me talk about the enneagram, a personality type system that I find really helpful. there are 9 types and I’m a 9. I’m a peacemaker and a peacemakers biggest problem is procrastination. When I’m in fear mode I go to 6 and when I’m feeling good I go to 3 which is the achiever. I realised that I’d been trying to make a decision about something that would affect other people as well as me and the 6 part of me was screaming, No!!! Don’t do it!!! Very loudly. The 3 part of me was shouting JFDI and so my peacemaking part, who likes everyone to be happy was frozen in the middle, because she couldn’t help both parts get what they want and I realised for a 9, that is probably the cause of the procrastination! I love it when I get insights:) A good bit of tapping later, and I’m ready to post, though I lost the additions once already. I guess the 6 part was winning then:)

And the reason the enneagram came to mind? My upcoming workshop and retreat in beautiful Slovenija. If you haven’t booked, there’s still time and I can guarantee you’ll fall in love with the place and the people and you’ll set yourself up for big changes:)

With love from Jacqui

The beginning of the new series of EFT Masterclasses, leading to the EFT Expert qualification.
And of course, if you’d like to clear anything that is in the way of manifesting what you want for yourself, you can book a session with me


Just finished an EFT Level 1 and 2 training and am still feeling totally amazed how much people can learn in such a short space of time.


I like to have small groups for my training, so that people can connect more easily with each other and it’s a joy to watch each group bonding, in their own way and learning to trust each other.


It’s that trust that creates good therapy. As the client relaxes, they are able to feel safe to access the deepest “stuff” that they have buried and watch as it melts away.

In training, the therapist needs trust too, trust of themselves and the client.


When we don’t trust ourselves in a session, the session becomes about ourselves rather than the client, as we constantly assess what we’re doing, how the client is perceiving us, and worry about “getting it wrong.”


When we don’t trust the client to have all the answers they need inside them, we feel that it’s our job to “fix” them and we feel the pressure of trying to do a job that’s not really ours.


A great part of my courses are spent helping people to relax. Reminding them that the client has the answers and that our job as therapist is to help the client uncover their inner wisdom.

By relaxing and really being with our clients, we’re able to really listen to them. We can spot the words they say that have the high emotional charge that we can then put into the EFT statement. We can hear the clues they give us about why part of them might not want to make changes and then explore that. We can pick up information from the client energetically. When we and our clients are really relaxed and comfortable in each others company, the energy fields merge and we have access to what the client is feeling. It doesn’t mean that we know whatever is going on in their life, but it allows for those moments of inspiration, when a word or thought pops into our head, which when you tap on it, proves to be the key to big change.

It’s lovely to see how that trust develops over the course and just what amazing shifts people have as they relax into the work.

And the best part is seeing trainee’s confidence in their abilities as they leave. They’ve proved to themselves what a huge shift they can help their client to create and they’ve experienced those shifts themselves. They know EFT works and they know they can use it! Life will always look different after that because they have power to change lives, including their own. What a gift it is.

And I wonder how your life might change if you could trust yourself? If you could really believe that you have all the answers you’ll ever need inside yourself? If you could believe as a therapist that you biggest job is to help the client feel safe? If you knew that your biggest gift to a client is to be yourself? And your biggest gift to the world is to be yourself, because who else can you really be? J

I wonder what you’d be doing differently?


Join me in a Tapalong to access trust in yourself.

Karate point

Even though I’m not sure I can trust myself, I’m OK

Even though even though this seems too simple I’m OK

Even though I can’t believe I’m not supposed to be DOING something, I deeply and completely accept the part of me that learned to be a human doing J

 Tapping through the points

Surely not

How could I be enough?

I can’t believe it

I won’t believe it

And yet

What else is there?

Why am I here taking this space in the universe?

There must be a purpose


Even though just being me can’t be enough, I’m Ok

Even though just being me is really all I can be and it still doesn’t feel enough, I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though I’m not sure I can allow myself to believe that I’m enough myself, maybe I could be open to the possibility that I could try out considering the possibility that it might even be true!

Tapping through the points

What if the universe didn’t get it wrong?

What if my only job is to be here being me?

What if I could allow myself to believe that I am enough?

What if it was true?

What if I could pretend it’s true and see what happens?

What if I could be open to the possibility that it might be true?

What a difference it might make in my life

What a difference it might make to my clients, because if I can show that I’m enough, it opens the possibility to them, for them to be enough too


Karate point

And what if the truth is, we are all enough? What a great world that would be!

All in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, doing the right things.

How wonderful! And maybe it starts with me  🙂