What a wonderful world!


Sun shining after rain, beans flowering, butterflies fluttering, the whole world looks washed anew, shining and ready to bloom!

And I feel the same!!! what a wonderful feeling:)

I had a big EFT session with a colleague a couple of days ago and I knew something huge had shifted when I came downstairs the next morning and started to do my taxes which I’ve been avoiding since April and what’s more they’re finished and ready to go and I’ve written 3 tricky emails I’ve been avoiding too! Woohoo!!!

Doesn’t it just feel wonderful when you have that “everything in the garden’s rosy feeling?” One of the reasons I love EFT so much is that I know I have the power to create that whenever I want. when things aren’t flowing, if I’m feeling stuck, I can stay and wallow for as long as I want, because I know I have the choice to do it differently whenever I’m ready. And then I get to feel like this:)

If you want some of that feeling too, then book a session and really see and feel the difference it makes.

What a wonderful world:)


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